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an unstructured day assumes a perfect pace

Meet Walter Belling

Things have become quite simple by just allowing myself to smoothly slide through what is "not", enabling me to know what "is".

Teaching about life, discovery and energy through relationships of all kinds allows a sharing of connection. My writings are an early step in sharing information of Now. For instance I wrote about "confusion is just a pause between choices".

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An Evening with Walter Belling
Community is where friends drop by for a chat

 How great it is to sit on the front porch, and talk to neighbors who pass by.


Hey, you can do that virtually, and you're all invited to drop by.


I notice when I set up talks.  So many teachers have such a hard time to even make an appointment.  My guess is that they still operate with that old momentum of one thing at a time, my plate is full, need to optimize with a concentration on one thing at a time.  Who is really spontaneous any more.  Who says, "Hi, I'm here, let's spend some time together?"


I try to be available to anyone who calls. Not just the guest presenters.  Try Me.


I am really loving Walter.  Please check it out. (We'll have a better webcam focus next time.)

Walter Belling, the natural expression
Getting to know each other
How two people zero in on a conversation

 I have been talking to many new faces in these months, and I can't help but notice myself in the dance to understand and be understood.  It is like an ultimate introspection.  How it works, how it doesn't work, what the both of us are driving at?  


Truly understanding my own "illumination", all of which I do not have pre-cognized in my virtual diary somewhere.   No outline, no script, no written speech, but yet it all flows?