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If All Is Consciousness, then the ‘All’ must be Do-ing it All

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Meditation is effortless witnessing. Open your eyes. Notice that seeing is occurring without effort. When I say it is occurring, I mean it is happening without effort. You do not need to try to see. Eyes open will do. And you cannot stop seeing either, because it is not up to you. If your eyes are open, seeing is inevitable. Awareness is constantly happening. Awareness permeates the “I am this body” idea and the surrounding environment. Awareness is always there, even when you are not trying to be aware of an object, because you cannot turn off awareness. Even if you try to stop seeing what is before you, you cannot. Even if your eyes close, you will go on seeing darkness on the inside of your eyelids.


Witness as seeing occurs. Witness as listening happens. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds surrounding you. You are not inviting sounds in, yet they are there and your consciousness is filled by them. There is nothing you can do, but watch them enter you. Even earplugs will not work, because you go on hearing the sounds in your head: tasting, chewing, swallowing, talking. You are helpless. They penetrate you and you can feel them through your entire Being. When you are seeing or listening, you do so with your whole Being. When you experience, you experience with your full awareness. Try only to realize that IT is all happening effortlessly. Realize you are the awareness, that you are not separate from IT. Relax into this happening and all effort disappears. This is meditation.

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Satsang with Nick Gancitano at the Onederful Gathering - June 11, 2012

Nick GancitanoNick Gancitano

Satsang with Nick Gancitano at the Onederful Gathering
Blowing Rock, NC
June 11, 2012

Nick will be giving satsang and discourse on "Be Still and Know I AM God," based on his newly released book by the same title. After discovering Self-inquiry, Nick underwent a profound shift that left him as the impersonal sense of Being. Ramana Maharshi then guided Nick to share the Self-Inquiry in the West. In 2002, several of his students formed the South Florida-based Atma-Vichara Ashram, where he was the acting spiritual director known as I Am for five years before teaching abroad from 2007 to 2010 and writing his first book. In early 2010 he established The Self-Inquiry Center in Delray Beach, Florida. When he is not traveling to share the message of Be Still and Know I AM God, Nick and his wife Penelope reside at the Center and disseminate the Self-Inquiry.


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Nick and Bentinho Massaro, these amazing times


There is Only One Thing to Do

Nick GancitanoNick Gancitano

Question: For more than 6 years now I have been 'doing' Self-inquiry to figure out: Who is the doer? When there is no I-thought, actions seem to happen on their own. No doer, like a sentence that has just been written down. Or as you state on your website, seeing/hearing/smelling is happening without an I doing it or thinking about the action. Only when there is a pre-thought such as 'I am now going to lift my right hand in the air', 'I' can see that that thought just happened out of nowhere. Not that the arm is moving or happening on its own accord. That is why the I is still in place, because it feels like I am the doer. So I am the doer and I am not the doer at the same time. This cannot be right and at the same time it feels like something is missing. Any suggestions to make the seeing clear? [Click 'Read More' for Nick's response]

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Nick Gancitano, Much Experience Now Effortless
Nick ties it all together

 Nick makes sense on all levels.  


He talks through tradition.  He also comes from direct experience saying "for lack of a better term".  To me, he means there is no true pointing, or don't take all this talk too seriously.


AND,  everything he says so obviously unveils itself out of deep silence.  He is a deep well of living truth.

Softly from Silence