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Truth, inner peace, the end of suffering are all totally available to you in every moment. But are you available to them?

Meet Swami Premodaya

Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya is a spiritual teacher living in California. Bodhisattva is a Buddhist term for 'one who selflessly serves and spiritually awakens others.' Shree is the Hindu term of respect (literally, "sir"), and denotes one who is recognized as having the ability to truly help others spiritually. Swami is a Hindu title meaning 'one who has mastered himself.' Premodaya is a name, meaning 'the rise of love' in Sanskrit. He works directly with all who are ready and willing to take the next step in finding themselves, and offers the wise and loving guidance that can lead to the end of confusion and suffering, once and for all.


Premodaya was born after the Holocaust, the only child of his survivor mother and father. He spent the formative years of childhood behind barbed wire, where along with his parents, he was an inmate of post-Holocaust Germany's most brutal and squalid refugee prison camp, Fohrenwald. After their release in 1953, the family emigrated to the United States.


"It is my great good fortune to have been born 'a man without a country.' It makes you a 'citizen of the world,' and if you're really lucky, ultimately, a child of the Universe.

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Premodaya Speaks Fundamental Fulfillment

What are you ready to get?  And can you do anything about that readiness?


I said soften your belief structures, OR allow them to become softer?  We could say throw them all down, but that will never happen.   So it is an experiment to see if with less "sureness" that is, softer beliefs, is life is still satisfying, or even more so?


Premodaya said that a fundamental fulfillment is available in this lifetime, (if you want it in some way).  How will you know?  Apply the test of life.  As you go through the mundane life experiences, you will know how fulfillment is apparent.