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Here is a review of Shawn's movie, Closer than Close.

One remarkable afternoon in 2006, seven friends gathered on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, to discuss their longing for a deeper meaning in life, the doubts and distractions that keep them from searching intensely, the friendships they have developed along the way, and the hope that keeps them looking. Their heartbreaking honesty resonates with all of us who were ever struck by the immensity of life and wondered what it was all about.

Woven within this conversation, we hear from three longtime seekers who found answers to their questions. Much older, they share the story of their early dissatisfaction with life. For one, the realization that “no one really knew what was going on;” for another, having everything he wanted in life, yet finding “something” still missing; and for the third, the undeniable fact of death encountered in Vietnam combat. Each began a unique spiritual search, not following any one teacher or tradition, which eventually culminated in a realization of the true nature of their self and reality.

We hope this contribution to the spiritual cinema genre will inspire the discussion, consideration, and action that an “examined” life requires.

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Shawn Nevins at April TAT
Story Teller, Poet, Videographer
I have been hoping to speak with Shawn
Shawn and Deborah Westmoreland
Sometimes Poems have the best words available
Poetry comes to the heart of the matter. Poems have the few words that can wrap around this thing. All you can do is make these gestures about it.
Shawn Nevins at SIG 2010
Shawn Nevins step by step communication

 I was deeply touched by Shawn's deliberate and not rushed message.

The space to let it sink in was offered and appreciated.

Shawn was the last speaker at SIG 2010