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Sam Noel Pearce

Needed clarification is often found by simply stopping and deeply observe what is here, as Life.

Meet Sam Noel Pearce

The need for Awareness Training is due to the mass of information available these days, which creates the demand for clarity of understanding that is greater than ever, and ‘the Awareness Training’ is a direct connectivity that cuts to the core of the essential ‘silent’ you. 


As the result it may be found that the enhanced understanding required as the basis for any Enlightenment findable is established beyond doubt, and as minimalism is its core, the direct ‘silent’ you finds ‘itself’ very useful for Life lived thereafter.

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Sam Noel Pearce, long in the simplicity

I asked of the link between our conscious mind and that which runs our tendencies.  What would you call it, something that we don't always (hardly ever) notice?  The unconscious or the collective consciousness or that which has no perceivable boundaries.


Sam asked what is the reference point?  Is that the answer or a further question?