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Rusty Moe

Without desiring to change anything, the world will change, in its own way and its own time.

Meet Rusty Moe

 The overall aim of therapy is an opportunity to work toward living in more satisfying and resourceful ways.  You can focus on issues from a past, address and resolve a specific problem, develop deeper personal awareness, work through inner conflicts, or improve important relationships.

I work from a person-cnetered approach, which means I place a high emphasis on listening and on understanding the situation., and how you are feeling and thinking about it.  i strive to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere where you can explore issues which may be difficult to talk about at sufficient length elsewhere.

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Good feeling is infectious, Rusty Moe
Innocence and joy are a true "healing"
Discovering a truer foundation of our humanity

 I think that we both like to ask basic questions of what makes this society tick.  I see it as a perfect reflection of what makes us tick and how we treat ourselves.


Introspective observation, sooner or later, becomes the most important game in town.  Sure it can happen (and even better while watching our own lives) while we are in day to day action.