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Ronda LaRue

I invite you who are ready to end the struggle and search; you who are ready to find the secret gift that is hidden in old psychological wounds, life crisis, and difficult life challenges; I bid you welcome, into the Love Affair with Life that awaits you, even now in the midst of your searching...

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Ronda and Nishant Matthews, these Amazing Times


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Entering the Love Affair...

Ronda LaRueRonda LaRue

Living the Love Affair With Life!
c. ronda larue, 2003. All rights reserved.

"It wasn't until the doorway was opened and I fell into the abyss of unknowing, met my undoing, faced the root fear of non-being, and slowly emerged from this profound process of awakening, that I recognized what I had sensed and had been expressing in my life all along: We are already That for which we seek....

"There is a portal to remembering Who we really are, and it is always forever available here, now. All we need do is attune our hearing to its subtle voice, and fall into the Love Affair of Life."

-- ronda larue 2001

"People often say to me: 'I have no artistic ability'. To which I always reply: 'Nonsense' (or worse!) 'You are at the very deepest core of your being, first and foremost, an artist. You are the brush and the canvass and the color and the hand - and that which conspires to bring these together into creative relationship and expression!'

We are not who we seem. We are not what we seem. We are the living Creative Moment. We are Creation engaged in the evolving awareness of Being. Or, to put it another way: We are God's realization of Creative Potential -- arising out of nothing, and with-in us finding expression - and thus seeing.

About the author:
Ronda LaRue is a spiritual author/mentor living in Ojai , California , USA . Ronda works from a novel and contemporary approach to the ancient tradition of one-on-one sacred apprenticeship for facilitating radical transformation., healing wholeness, and direct Self-Realization.

Her book "Remembering Who You Really Are" is a contemporary classic on the journey to true self Realization and Wholeness. (available from See more about her private retreat programs at or order her book at

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What Is "Enlightenment"?

Ronda LaRueRonda LaRue


An Interview Talk with Ronda LaRue

There is a recently published book out called: The Awakening West* in which authors John Lumiere-Wins and Lynn Marie Lumiere ask a series of questions to twenty contemporary teachers of the west including Eckhart Tolle, Francis Lucille, Gangaji, Rabbi Rami Shapiro and others.

Ronda was recently interviewed using these great questions and we thank and acknowledge John and Lynn Marie for this intriguing format and their beautiful book.*

Below are the questions, followed by a transcript of the interview and Ronda's responses.

RONDA: "I'd like to suggest you pose these questions to yourself as well - you might be surprised what is seen..."

Questions adapted from the book: THE AWAKENING WEST*

1) Who are you?
2) What is enlightenment, realization, awakening?
3) How did this awakening occur for you?
4) Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for others who are experiencing a desire for awakening to the truth?
5) Does it seem that more and more people in the West are awakening to the truth of their being? And if so, what does it signify?
6) What do you see as the source of suffering in the world, and what if anything can or should be done about it?
7) Without operating out of a personal ā€œIā€ how do you make decisions and get things done?
8) In the realization of who you really are, how do you experience relationship with others?
9) Does involvement in the various therapies and spiritual practices assist in awakening?


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