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Rob Burns, Primary Economic Driver is Systemic Debt


You've seen some posts on Occupy Chicago, and many "conventional wisdom" issues are voiced and defended there.  But do we really know that much about how our economy really works?  And how it doesn't work?  Generally we rest after faulting certain groups of people, like Corporate Greed.  Is that all there is to is?  The forces of good and evil?   Surely, we watch too many movies and read too many bibles.  I met with Rob on the streets of Occupy.

I want to know what is really going on (and please don't tell me that nothing is happening, it is all in my mind).  If that's your response then let the next nuclear plant go into your back yard so that you can wake up and join the party.

Well, we said some amazing stuff.  I was so full of questions and Rob had immediate intelligent answers.  I can only apologize for talking almost 3 hours.  Please dig into this one and see how you like it.