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Richard is the host of Never Not Here

Excerpt from Dr. Shankar's 1st book, Kaivalya Gita

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 Life moves the body from cradle to the grave. Watch the movement. Understand that life expresses experiences as thoughts in the mind and not in life.  Understand that life expresses many people in front of you, with all their minds, their duality, their past and their experiences, which confront your mind, to create a story of life!  Understand that language is merely a tool to communicate an illusory story.  Life happens and goes on happening; this happening is nevertheless a transformation of energy.  So enjoy the illusory story as it happens and while it lasts.  Enjoy life that is without a story every moment, as well as the illusory story of the moment!  Understand that the story will also contain making plans to enjoy a story!


Dr. Vijai S Shankar, 3 broadcasts from Houston

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller


1. Next Web Cast weekend of April 3rd - 4th, 2010

Dr. Vijai S Shankar, 3 broadcasts from Houston



Saturday April 3rd 2010, 12:00 - 1:30 and 7:00 pm til 8:30 pm Central Daylight time 
Sunday April 4th 2010, 12:00 - 1:30

Broadcast on LiveStream and UStream on our two video pages. This is where you watch.

2. April 10-11th, Gangaji in Chicago (not an NNH broadcast)

3. April 25th 1:00 pm, Mooji from London (broadcast)

4. April 30th to May 3rd, 5 broadcasts with Paul Hedderman from Chicago, weekend intensive, (come in person.)

5. May 9th 1:00 pm Jeff Foster from UK, (broadcast)

Friendship Series, 6th episode with Kevan Myers

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

I met Kevan last year in India, when I was filming both non-duality teachers and other people that I found to be "rich in life experience".  I intended to make a series called NATURAL INTELLIGENCE with that material.  

Sometimes we seem to hold an awakening experience as something very special, which must mean that it is hardly available to us. Of course with such a viewpoint, it would be hardly available to us.  Kevan's website is:

You can email him: DancingYetiPoetry (at)



About Kevan Myers

Friendship Series with Allan Morelock
Earliest candid remembrance sets life path
Living at ease with whatever experience occurs

When Our Concepts are Blown

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

The moment that you see something that shocks you out of your belief system, there is that naked moment where you are open to the full brunt of reality.  Call it the mystery call it truth.  

Take a look here, and see if you can stay in that mystery for a couple moments longer, even while there may be great temptation to move toward some explanation?





Friendship Series, 3rd episode with Robert Martin

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Our experiment is just to talk, with no expectations, no agenda and no special expertise.  Butch and I spoke with absolute sincerity.  I see him as a real mystic, even if he wouldn't agree, the deep insight is already there.  He is amazingly intense, but also sure that everyone's intensity is of the same importance.

You are all invited to appear on this series.  We can say that is the beauty of the internet.  It allows like-minded people to "find their tribe".  When they come together, it's only natural that they will make their presence known for what is important to them. You have found this site and our modest activity.  Now please let us find you, and this activity may take on another dimension.



Holiday Picnic, an activity so ordinary
Labor Day 2008 Part One
I realize how fortunate this life has been
What an outstanding experience, what an inspiration that led up to completing all the details, and what an inertia that kept it waiting in the "hopper" for over 18 months?
Labor Day 2008 Part Two
How "enlightening" it is to see an 18 month Flashback
I was actually a pretty contentious guy back then and maybe still am, but it is so clear to me how much I have softened. I have a lot to be grateful for. (TV on consecutive weeks, so duplicate close.)

Wow, Check out "Energy"

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

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The ultimate non-dual transgression

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

No need for sleep these days after a thundering realization from our first "Friendship", a study in co-discovery.

Even after a 100 years, neo-advaita must be very delicate, because it is in no way comfortable talking in "any-man's" language. It even seems that the more rigorous advaita is, in avoiding John Doe's question with another question ("who is it that is asking that question"), the more it is prized as the regal jewel. Witness Tony Parsons, Sailor Bob, John Wheeler and others. These guys can only live by throwing "breakthrough imagery", some kind of total disconnect to what the subject's normal mind pattern contains. Maybe there's a need for that? And it does seem to get results, for a microscopic minority. That Lottery percentage is still enough to keep the rest of us going.

I always wondered why Truth is so ineffectual in showing up in people's lives? It has to be the ultimate hype? I also believe that "teaching" offered by every Tom, Dick and Harry is actually damaging. I have acquaintances that swear that they are enlightened for years, and can't even get a job as a bus driver. That would be okay, if they were living a life of joy. But not so, their energy feels as detached as a zombie.

Friendship 1, with Marc Grecco

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

The "truth is within you". We hear it 1000's of times from many angles, yet we are still looking outside for who's going to mentor us, who's going to guide us to find that "right path" to the within. Is it true? Is that really necessary?

Our experiment is just to talk, with no expectations and no special expertise. Trusting that what comes up is right, and finding it truly amazing. We are experiencing a deep deep friendship that is usually thought to take years to develop. Could this point to something getting revealed about our true nature? Testimony is that after all inquiry, what remains is love. Let's find out for ourselves.

You are all invited to appear on this series. Just email your willingness to talk, and we will schedule a time. (It takes a medium good video Skype connection, which is not that difficult. We can coach you on that.)

Marc Grecco and I talked about many things, from athletic endeavor, what is the"zone" for athletes, Meditation, Bhakti Yoga, being a man, relationships, and most importantly, the impact of the Course in Miracles.

In the 2nd hour we talked much more about the Course in Miracles.  I was blown away, when talking about forgiveness, he came up with "the only one to forgive is yourself, for buying in to such a story of blame in the first place."  (Somewhat paraphrased, hope that I did not loose the point.)   Here is the second video:

Thank you Mark

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