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I'll tell why I like the story Amber or Amethyst

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

I posted this story some days ago and maybe some of you have read it.  (No comments as of yet.)  I'll leave the original post in blue so that you can trace the link and look the story over.

I have been reading a lot of short stories from various authors, a great way to get to know about lots of periods in lots of countries. Some are quick, fun reads, almost kids books, but I find some of them quite profound.  Here's a fun (short) one.  I want to say why I like it, but I don't want to take away your curiosity.  So maybe I'll write some comments in a week or so.

The story is about a 12 year old boy, Liam, that dreams of all the things that he can become.  His dreams are amazing, and of course we know that this wasn't written by a 12 year old.  He has discovered many many values to run his life by, values that I would say many adults might take decades to discover.  Maybe they are looking in the wrong place?

This brings up the question in me of how do we come by our values, and how do we believe that we could really embody them?  First, these values are verbal distinctions, and until we have laid them out in the domain of language, I'm not so sure that they exist.  We say that mother's love is instinctive, and maybe some other qualities of life are already here too, I don't know?  Maybe they aren't fully activated, until they also become verbal.

1. In this case the boy has picked up these distinctions by reading gemstone manuals.  He has adopted the belief that everything is imbued with a quality of energy, and gemstones are a font of pure energy, each with a particular focus or "power".  Here is a list of the attributes that he seeks to add to his life.

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Something resonates in what Paul Lowe says.

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 As a person evolves in consciousness, eventually they come to the state where they say, I don’t know what is happening anymore.  This is known as a - good - sign.  You see, we never really know what is happening.  We only think that we do.  And the only way that the mind can feel comfortable with itself, is to feel that it knows what is happening.  And the only way that it can think it knows what’s happening, is by comparison.  If you keep evolving, if you keep becoming more conscious, eventually you find that there is nothing to which you can compare.  Because all has become so old that it is irrelevant.  All the old ways have become so old, that you can’t relate to them anymore.  


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First talk with Fred Davis

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Things change!

I haven't done a recorded talk for a while, and when I went to use my old fashion screen capture recording, something was different.  I think that it is a new version of Flash that disabled my screen capture.  Normal Youtube recording is also disabled for Thailand.

So Fred Davis, being the sport that he is, authored the call from America and recorded on his Youtube channel.  Unfortunately, being his first time, one too many clicks here or there stopped his image from appearing on the video.  I apologize for that.

And I guarantee that we'll do some more talks, and you will see him.

I am very pleased with what we have said here.  I think that it is new, and also clear and concise.

See what you think.

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A Life unfolding from your own authority, not relying on external guidance

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Here is a chance to gauge yourself. Where are you on the spectrum described below?  

Your life definitions are a result of the teachings that you follow/recite.  What road are they taking you down?  Are you permanently on a high flying disc?  Have you ever given it enough time, (sustaining openness) to see if openness is a self-reinforcing feedback loop?

1. I have never given much time to listen to Ester Hicks.  But I want to use this audio to demonstrate a life of openness, which as she describes it, leads to ever-more openness.

She calls it living on a “high flying disc”. You know it because it feels good. She mentions that you are choosing your conversations, (with self and others) meaning that you choose your thoughts.  Maybe you’re not choosing the exact content of thoughts, but choosing the quality of thoughts.  

2. This is what I have been calling a life lived on its own authority. You need nothing else. No finger pointing at the moon. 

Thoughts are either closing or opening.  She defines the “vibration” of the thoughts, which is one step removed, and makes it too esoteric and kind of unapproachable.  How are you going to decide, that now you are going to raise up your vibration???  

Ditch the word vibration and just look at bodily contraction.   Beliefs (life definitions) played on the mind are thoughts, life definitions played on the body are your level of contraction.  IT”S EASY.


3. She makes it very difficult with many fancy concepts.  Without them, people might be sustaining openness in great numbers. She says mystifying things like:

a) In sync with infinite intelligence, how do you do that?

b) A high flying disc effects your point of attraction (like you have to be met by something coming down the road).

c) Your emotional inner guidance system works by noting the difference between you and your invariable source.

d) The inner never deviates, so you see the vibrational variance.

4. For me there is a much more practical route to take.  Just look into these beliefs which take you continuously down a limiting path.

a) Yes, I go with what feels bad so that I can stay with my friends, or with the dinner conversation.

b) There is a lot of conspiracy out there, shouldn’t we discuss it? 

c) If someone is mean, they should get that reflection back.

d) Then I want to teach someone a lesson.

e) I haven’t figured out that the one I am teaching doesn’t care, and only I get damaged?

f) When certain things occur to me, I have the right to react without thinking.

5.  It’s all your thoughts my friends. The best way to put non-contracting thoughts into practice is to call them an experiment.  We have gone the anxiety route for decades, and we see the kind of life that it produces.  What would it be like if my thoughts were different?

6.  I suppose that we can mention the value of flowering in life.  Some will argue that this puts too much premium on change for the better. Then I judge that my changes are not enough, or they are going the wrong way, and I feel worse.

Change is relative, perhaps to how much you're enjoying what is here. I remember times in my life where I wanted to slow down change, because I was enjoying my life at the moment so much.  (Please give me more time to love this.) Life was great after the changes too. 

We can also say that frozen in the movie “Ground Hog Day” is not pleasant to anyone. Of course greater and greater velocities are taken as catastrophe.  So the rate of acceptable (pleasant) change is different for everyone.

Then people are also visited by catastrophe.  Doesn’t that give me the right to react in a negative way?  Well let’s just stay with the practical.  Does that negative reaction help the situation in any way?  I think that you’ll be hard pressed to see where it does?

7. In this scenario what is the drive for enlightenment? It is a desire to jump off the wagon (to who knows where).  Basically you’re not enjoying anything about yourself.  The whole foundation of the enlightenment drive is skewed by dissatisfaction.  

Maybe you have had a spiritual experience or satori, that has demonstrated there is something way more.  I think that it is always your responsibility to put that experience in its place, (as the gift that it was) and manage it such that all of life doesn’t go sour.

For me this kind of seeking is a bogus activity assured to produce misery.  If true enlightenment is an accident, then let it happen when it happens.  That is soon enough for me.

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Flashback with Nick Gancitano
Putting Athletes in the Zone

 Nick is moving into different venues with his new book "The Edge of Glory", which I am planning to read to see what he is getting at.


He is thinking to de-emphasize videos from the past about traditional satsang.  SO I LISTENED TO THIS AFTER 3 YEARS.


Wow, I think we were brilliant.  I am amazed that my questions back then were right on with what I know to be true today.  I was moving to establish that the human instrument is adequate to live on its own authority.  We don't need a finger pointing at the moon. That finger is our main problem, in that it sets up an irrefutable judgment point. (I'm not there yet.)


To come to this pont of view you have to be persuaded that your life as it is, is significant for you.  It is not that hard a task to get on that positive track.


Thanks for watching again.

Nick and I danced this dance, knowing each other only 5 minutes

Blessing of Abode through Buddhist Metta (Loving Kindness)

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Listen to this Blessing that Maggie Wilkins organized for her new house in Chiang Mai, Thailand, March 2013.

Feel it deeply and let it spill over into your house and your life.  Loving Kindness from the whole of the Buddhist world. (20 minutes)

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Here's a taste of a breakthrough discussion
Yoke of Many Distorted Principles

1:28 min
Propelled to Discuss Life, What For?

4:27 min

Can we inspire couples to Deepen in Love? Let's try it

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Our New F.B. page is called "The Art of Pairing-Extraordinary Relationships".  We would like to run Recorded Hangouts with 2 or 3 couples.

If you and your partner are interested to give it a try contact us with email or gmail chat, at  


Let's make everything that we have ever known as a spiritual truth, also be totally practical in our day to day lives. Help us consider what works with your life. Great Love

Here's a direct link to our new Facebook "Welcome Page / Fan Page"

Thanks, Richard Miller and Reenah Sun


What is the basis for living together without irritation and upset? What would it be like to walk past reaction and not be afraid of old trigger points?


We are finding that this field of freedom is easily available with just a few hints and parameters and a little bit of practice.   Yes, we know how easily it is to flow with reaction and build all the evidence of transgression.   Also we now know that we don't have to follow these threads,

(and we can still do it if we feel particularly resistant today.)


But what a great freedom it is to know that we can come out of it at will.  What is left without our reactions?  It is a field of love and awe at the beauty of another person.  It is a peace and calmness, with nothing particular to believe in and a greater effectiveness in whatever we choose to engage in.

  Margot Ridler makes some Observations


 (If a Youtube video doesn't load, try another browser)





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What is it like living with Reenah?

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Reenah Sun is unique for me, in that I don't feel any blame from her.  She inquires into her reactions and traces the thought thread back until they deconstruct.  In that atmosphere, I am able to do the same.  We receive each other as the miracle that we are, not by creating a new concept of "holy miracle", but by moving off of all concepts.  What is left is holy without any word.  We are both committed to creating life from that point of no view.

 Awakened Living doesn't mean no Reactions


We Justify each and every Distasteful Thing, Our Pain



But how long do you stay stuck in the mud?  I can remember times in my life were the same bog had me for 10 years.  Now I don't care to give that dirt 10 minutes.

Explain, explain, explain.  Does it do any good all our self justification, or is that the mechanism of our self abuse?

Spiritual "not Knowing" has no reasons nor justifications.



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