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At the heart of all things is a profound stillness and peace

Meet PeterJi

 In 1975, he met his first master in India and while practising a certain meditation technique, had a profound awakening in June 1980. This created an ongoing presence in him, which deeply changed his life. He later returned to the West realising that his spiritual sadhana wasn’t complete.


In 1982 he met his beloved April Mai. From that point on he realised the paths of love and meditation were creating the holistic spiritual life that he had always longed for.


In 1986 they both began doing long retreats in the Satipatthana tradition. Two Burmese masters, Sayadaws U Janaka and U Pandita had a profound impact on their lives. Their formal practice continued for another eight years.


During this time they also met Barry Long, a Western master. PeterJi realised that Tantra was also a valid path to enlightenment and he explored the depths of relating in a new way. April and he spent nine years attending Barry’s formal meetings.

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Peterji, Silence imperturbable

What a deep space you can become aware of in the midst of beauty, as well as in the midst of activity. This was a special day for me with Peterji.

Stillness is PeterJi

 I fell deeply in love with Peterji.  This is how I always dream a talk should go.  Let's see if the profound stillness allowed me to be authentic.