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Paul Lowe

You are not who you think you are, You are much, much more . . .

Meet Paul Lowe

In one way it is does not matter who Paul is -- or what he says.  The only thing that has significance to you and your life is what you feel while receiving information. Not thinking, not agreeing or disagreeing, but feeling deep within. You know already. It’s just a reminder. 
Paul’s view of the world and its future encourages us beyond what we normally think of as possible or impossible. From his own comprehensive world-wide experiences, he shares about every possible subject. In addition to more abstract subject matters, he addresses everyday issues: sexuality, relationships, parenting, health, finance, career, and communication. 
In his view nothing is more, or less important than anything else. He shares his insights with caring, and perhaps most importantly, humour.


Paul Lowe, "that last little bit is a bugger"

 January 2012 I set up a meeting with Paul and PeterJi and April.  It can be amazing what we uncover when we look straight into those very subtle movements in our lives.  The gross movements we see all too well.  The subtle we have been stepping over for ever.  It's our idea of prioritizing I guess.  The subtle is so often here and now.  The big movements are often interpretations, thoughts and their resultant feelings.  We stay with those, for that's our priority.  Perhaps it also serves to keep us away from what is now.


Many will say thoughts and feelings are here now.  Masters will say that bliss and oneness are here now.  It is what it is, but are there signposts of conditioning still running?

Paul Lowe, "This"

A follow up from Saturday back at Paul's.

Paul Lowe, Major Shift

On Dec 24th 2011 Paul addressed an intimate group which we can share with you.

Paul Lowe met with me on the 13th

I visited Paul Lowe yesterday with Sam Noel Pearce in my company.  Kira Kay and Sabine were there and Kira made this recording.  I am scheduled to do a video Monday at 10:30 which should also have a very clear audio track.  Perhaps I will integrate strongly with Paul in these coming days and even within this whole 90 day period.  I am thrilled to be in contact with Paul.