You are hereOpen Mic is where you can share your own Experiences

Open Mic is where you can share your own Experiences

Here you will find one Icon for every Open Mic Friend that has appeared on NNH. When something new is posted by that Friend, their Picture will move to the top. To find out more about who they are, click and go into their page to watch their video. You might have to scan the grid to see who has moved where.  Then use this easy alphabetical list:  (Hit Archives OpMF tab to return back to here)

You are all invited to appear on this series. We can say, this is the beauty of the internet in that It allows like-minded people to "find their tribe". When they come together, it's only natural that they will make their presence known for what is important to them. You have found this site and our modest activity. Now please let us find you, and this activity may take on another dimension.

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