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Stephen B Parker, Disease Related Stress

Dr. Parker, a Jungian psychologist, looks into stress producing fear after a series of heart attack type emergencies. He is saying that with all his background into the workings of the mind and emotional states, stress is still something that each one has to work out for themselves.

His testimony is that there is no quick fix for a heart condition, including stents, Statin Drugs, or by-pass surgery.  None of this will save you.  The only possibility is a fundimental change in your life style.  His several blogs available from this link.


Alice and Richard Matzkin, Self Acceptance for All Seasons


I asked, what makes for a good life at any age?  OK, Wisdom, which seems to take a breadth of experience, and finally dawns upon us.  Perhaps I was saying that a good dose of self acceptance goes a long way toward improving our lives and even for those who find themselves around us.


Michael Baxter on the Nature of Reality

 Michael and I spoke more than an hour on the phone and he related that his insight into the nature of reality was it's truly massive, the ultimate of solid.  Usually we always talk of no thing, no thought, pure potentiality, the ultimate void.  I was fascinated, but he didn't want to do a Skype interview.


What strange reasoning took me to Iowa City, I do not know.  I had been definitely thinking not to move around this summer.  But once there, all the secondary reasons to to come collapsed and we were full on in uncovering the Cycle of Self Knowledge, as Michael had developed it.  I hope that you will be as enthralled as I am.

Michael Baxter on the Cycle of Self Knowledge
Session 2 of 3, Esoteric Sciences
We moved forward Carefully
One thing I didn't want to do was to jump into a lot of assumptions and esoteric vocabulary, as if we "all agree that these are real concerns". I wanted to piece it all together step by step.
Session 3 of 3, This is Every Day Life
We said Amazing Things
The cycle of a single thought is like the cycle one hydrogen atom. In a way it is theoretical, because one atom never appears alone without outside influences. But still the method is instructive.

Mauricio Saravia, Artist, a man of intense giving


Mauricio Saravia's art is the closest you will get to a moving, true life story that can be found within each and every painting. Like Frida Kahlo, Saravia walks the same spiritual and elemental journey.

Saravia's own, unique struggle and story has taught us so much about life. Painting his soul on his canvas, laying brushstrokes of intense dedication, emotion, compassion and love of art. If you look close enough you can see in great detail his passion and love of life in each and every stroke of energy that has been engraved deeply into the canvas.

Very few painters have ever lived such an intense life and achieved such greatness within, to tell their story.

Meet Mauricio Saravia in Video

 Even without meeting the man, you can get the experience with these videos that bring you into his presence.

Another Movie made about Mauricio

Two Youtubes in which to meet Mauricio Saravia




"Do You Know" Poetry by Mauricio


Here is some of Mauricio Saravia's Art Work



Richard Miller's picture

Summer "Quiet Time"

Where are all the new videos on Never Not Here? Am I on strike?

I lived in Italy more than a decade, so maybe I am part Mediterranean by now. I love the heat of the summer and I like to be out and enjoying it. One thing we are putting our time toward is our garden.

I thought that I wanted to share it.   So here is what it looks like so far this year.  (You can tell us what you are  doing this summer.)



Play of Freedom Session One

Some time ago Florian and I made 5 recordings which include some of the clearest sharing and most deeply touching moments of my talking with any guest.  This is the first one of those recodings.

Each session is a logical extension of the previously laid foundation and quite different in its focus and impact.  All together they tie into a logical construct that successfully transports a level of knowing that transforms how we look at and how we feel about life. You can definitely feel the "Play of Freedom".

Mora Fields writes about Multiple Points of View

We talked about Mora's new book "Peculiar Stories", where she gracfully suggests to a youngster that what you see is perhaps not always best served by conventional interpretations.  In the end it is each one of us that gets to take seriously some interpretation, (or not).

While we are checking that out, we might also see what the effect of each of those interpretations are on our own lives.


Daniel Hirtz is Electric

Wouldn't it be obvious if I am able to SEE something about life, that I would be moved to LIVE IT?  To express what I see?


Observing the world, maybe it doesn't seem that obvious?  Daniel is an activist.  He wants to stire up collective courage to live our dreams.  Can we do that better if we hold hands?  Why not?  Here is my hand, I want to be in on it.

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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