A video journal about my particular journey through life.
Let it be insightful for you, if it feels right.

May in Chicago with Marlies Cocheret
Morning visit
I totally enjoyed my time with Marlies.
So many valuable indicators came to light. Both in how to set a procedure that may suit you, and what to experiment with or what to watch to build a trust in the whole experience.
Afternoon Talk
Maybe I act as the great objector
Whatever comes up, I can go with it, or throw up a caution. Is it important? Is it another distinction or one distinction less? Well, I can go both ways, and I can really "get" the other person too.

Touching Base with Marlies Cocheret on Skype

Marlies said so many practical things, I really have missed talking with her since my California Trip.

I met Art Ticknor at the April TAT meeting 2011

 So many people have expressed the importance to them of Art's openness and availability.


He is an important contributor to the TAT Foundation.

Bob Fergeson Speaks out after TAT

 Bob is so much about "beyond the cerebral", and into the intuitive.

I had thought that Richard Rose was very verbally precise.  What a surprise to find TAT members don't need all that many words.

Getting to the meaning of Effortlessness

I really want to talk more about effortlessness.  Non-Doership and non-identity are pointed to from so many places, but I don't see anyone on the receiving side of these messages who seems to understand what is being said.


Here, I think we are saying something new about the subject.

Shawn Nevins at April TAT
Story Teller, Poet, Videographer
I have been hoping to speak with Shawn
Shawn and Deborah Westmoreland
Sometimes Poems have the best words available
Poetry comes to the heart of the matter. Poems have the few words that can wrap around this thing. All you can do is make these gestures about it.
Richard Miller's picture

Seekers Can Be a Dreary Lot

Some people talk and some don't.  I suppose you have to honor that.  But it must also signify something?  Lately we are getting so few comments, even though a lot of new content is going up.  If you start to notice the messages that repeat in that content, we talk more and more about participation, which seems to have had a reverse effect.  

I see the on-line statistics from the back end, and the "talk rate" is incredibly low, only a few out of each thousand.  You all must truly believe in your personal drama.  What can I say?  Get retired and have some fun out of life.

They say you can catch more flies with honey than with admonitions or a kick in the pants.  But I am modeling a tremendous freedom that I easily get out of this website.  I know that you can get it too.  Quit playing your cards so incredibly close to your chest.  Come and really join the party of life!

Danny Martin, Demystify the Steps to Openness

Let's be practical.  Life is complex and my apparent needs seem easily to co-opt most of my attention. But still I kind of know what feels right, and I surely know when I am closer to truth or farther away from it.  


Just try out a few simple things, like Relax, Respect, Listen, Connect, Discover.  It is not really rocket science.

Graham Pritchard, the Body is a gateway

Graham watches the body very carfully as a Tai Chi master and sports therapist.


I felt great interest when he spoke of the "pushing hands" interactions, where two tai chi participants become one motion.  Isn't that what we do (perhaps unsuccessfully) when we probe each other's boundaries and try to perfect our worldly relationships?  Is there a way we could do that more mindfully?

Bridging Heaven and Earth, 16 years with Allan

 So many years of constant service from Santa Barbara, CA, Allan is a pure pleasure to talk with.  His international art project has truly inspired worldwide participation.

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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