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Seekers Can Be a Dreary Lot

Some people talk and some don't.  I suppose you have to honor that.  But it must also signify something?  Lately we are getting so few comments, even though a lot of new content is going up.  If you start to notice the messages that repeat in that content, we talk more and more about participation, which seems to have had a reverse effect.  

I see the on-line statistics from the back end, and the "talk rate" is incredibly low, only a few out of each thousand.  You all must truly believe in your personal drama.  What can I say?  Get retired and have some fun out of life.

They say you can catch more flies with honey than with admonitions or a kick in the pants.  But I am modeling a tremendous freedom that I easily get out of this website.  I know that you can get it too.  Quit playing your cards so incredibly close to your chest.  Come and really join the party of life!

Danny Martin, Demystify the Steps to Openness

Let's be practical.  Life is complex and my apparent needs seem easily to co-opt most of my attention. But still I kind of know what feels right, and I surely know when I am closer to truth or farther away from it.  


Just try out a few simple things, like Relax, Respect, Listen, Connect, Discover.  It is not really rocket science.

Graham Pritchard, the Body is a gateway

Graham watches the body very carfully as a Tai Chi master and sports therapist.


I felt great interest when he spoke of the "pushing hands" interactions, where two tai chi participants become one motion.  Isn't that what we do (perhaps unsuccessfully) when we probe each other's boundaries and try to perfect our worldly relationships?  Is there a way we could do that more mindfully?

Bridging Heaven and Earth, 16 years with Allan

 So many years of constant service from Santa Barbara, CA, Allan is a pure pleasure to talk with.  His international art project has truly inspired worldwide participation.

Zak Phase Two

 Two people soften and fall in sync.  Does one mirror the other?  Is it just a sign of the times?  Take a closer look for yourself.

Margot Ridler, Living Description of Awakening

Margot and I get together for fun and frolics a few times a year.


We said these things last year, and this year we had a video editing party to make clips (large and small) and load Youtube with a lot of great hints.


See how you like this one.

Girl Effect Dot Org

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Check this out, it's so brilliant and so simple. I think that it is more effective than just plain micro-lending. More effective than revolution, arming the rebels, probably costs one/thousandth of the war on terror, and might actually work.



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Jeremy Vaeni, Very "Apt" Descriptions

 Jeremy is blessed with a very keen intellect, which rapidly draws on an incredibly complete grounding and makes very clear associations.  I probably can't go quite that fast, yet I can truly enjoy and respect it.

I actually stated a caution in the introduction,  that I seem to want to change what people are saying.  But with Jeremy I simply enjoyed, without the movement to always put my 2 cents in.  Sure I recognized the urge to put on a different spin, but it was OK not to follow it.  I must be relaxing, (or I just like this guy).  See for yourself.


Jerry Wennstrom and David Whyte, Foundation of Creativity

I have enjoyed so much my meetings with Jerry Wennstrom.


I find both these men speaking deep truths that we all can listen to.  Like David sites the increadable difficulty we have to claim our own happiness.  That rings so true for me.

Matt Welsh tracks cinema that can transform

Matt and I talked a great deal about the movies.   Frankly, I am usually thinking that Hollywood studios should be prosecuted and jailed for most of the violence and disfunction in our society.  It is already illegal to insight a crime or convince someone to commit murder.  Why not enforce it?   Matt sees some redemption in the industry, focusing on a few attempts to break the unconscious bubble.

Matt explained a "middle way" for working through personal blockages.  I admire his groundedness to be able to access that awareness.  I suggested that many of us are so gripped by the apparent circumstances of life that perhaps we can't get in touch with that much centeredness.  What could be a direct route to ease the situation?



Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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