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Known for her simplicity, skillful discrimination, and intuitive insight, Neelam gently points toward the truth at the core of us all.

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Neelam Appears in a talk with Reenah Sun

Neelam has a single pointedness to bring us back to our truth of this moment.  Her pointing never forgets the kindness and tenderness that is her nature.  She knows unequivocally that this kindness is first deserved by ourselves, from ourselves.

Welcome Back Neelam

 I acknowledged to Neelam that she was the first non-duality person that I ever videoed, and the first spiritual content that I ever uploaded to Youtube.  This was one year before NNH was ever thought of.  At the time there were no spiritual teachers (zero) on Youtube.  I had used all the search words and not one came up.  I did find one slide show (not a video) with J Krishnamurti.  I truly wondered, will this forum even watch a movie like this.  Hey, by now they do.  Here are those original video excerpts:  (April 1st 2006, I called my channel "iCANrealize".  I can!)