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Meet Jerome Pindell with AbiTiki


 In this video discussion AbiTiki and Jerome are sharing about finding a trust and a natural feeling of safety in life.  Do we normally feel "safe", even while coming on the internet?   So how will we ever construe the events in our life as safe?  Witness this dialogue.

So nice to actually see you guys....Abi and Jerome!
Great discussion really enjoyed it.
I think this topic is very important for the following reason,aside from the benefits in relationships.

For me it seems....this state of total trust is absolutely necessary for total surrender. Total Trust and total surrender are one movement in fact. Saying to life ....yes, I trust that its ok to surrender to this moment.
After a life of learned mistrust as Jerome says...its coming back to where we started the beginning of our lives. A state of total trust in Life...which IS ourself.

As far as new structures (46min) feeing is
that one WILL continue to engage rather than becoming disengaged ...bringing that new state of Awareness...will create whatever structures that are necessary...and would evolve evolve as needed. Also as Abi says....each person would manifest a role that may or may not be active, or visible.

Accepting other's ...not judging...but accepting another, allows that person to feel they can open up...and trust more, thereby making it possible for them to feel more relaxed and comfortable to surrender.

Abi....yes! One can only 'know' the person in 'this moment'
everything else is just added....Agree

We might not have a perfect solution or expression as we interact with others...we can't beat our selves up about it.
We can only 'do' or 'express' or 'contribute'as we are.
As Richard says....'it will work out however it works out".
Jerome....put it well
"It will play itself out in a seemingly perfect way"
"How are we having an impact?

I think one needs to be compassionate with oneself...that we will still create some ripples that we may not always project perfection and peace.
When you follow a may be safe...safer...than living....being....trusting......surrendering.....Life.

Thanks for sharing guys...and tnx. Richard for making it possible.