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Marlies Cocheret

When you live your life from this space -- the movement you find yourself doing -- the words you find yourself saying - are born out of Silence, your True Self. I am here to serve that Truth.

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May in Chicago with Marlies Cocheret
Morning visit
I totally enjoyed my time with Marlies.
So many valuable indicators came to light. Both in how to set a procedure that may suit you, and what to experiment with or what to watch to build a trust in the whole experience.
Afternoon Talk
Maybe I act as the great objector
Whatever comes up, I can go with it, or throw up a caution. Is it important? Is it another distinction or one distinction less? Well, I can go both ways, and I can really "get" the other person too.

Touching Base with Marlies Cocheret on Skype

Marlies said so many practical things, I really have missed talking with her since my California Trip.

Rushing to Gather

Marlies CocheretMarlies Cocheret

In subtle and not so subtle ways a lot of people are rushing to gather info, gather spiritual experiences, gather spiritual knowledge in the hope of getting insights to arrive faster to this ‘final spiritual place’. Is that really what it is about? I have found that we need to come to a total disillusionment and disappointment with life. Nothing on the outside can give ‘it’ to us, no teacher, no partner, no job, no nothing!
The spiritual path is very simple, not always that easy! We need to stop and ask ourselves what is already still what is not touched by our minds? We need to stop and have the courage to listen to the voice of Spirit and not to the voice of our small minds. How do we do that?
Relaxation is the doorway. Making space and realizing that this Silent Being is always here resting in the midst of us and as us. The more you take time to listen to your within-ness the more your life harmonizes itself and becomes magical. Just imagine putting all your love and adoration into this Silent Being. You’ll find your small mind will fill itself with Big Mind; this Silent Being All of your life becomes whole in front of your eyes. It may take some time before you can let go of the human condition. Sooner or later it will happen.

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Marlies in Satsang
Chicago Satsang summer 2009

This was also a broadcast from our house in Forest Park IL