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Laura Simms

Storyteller, Writer, Activist, A major force in the revival of storytelling in America

Meet Laura Simms

 Remarkable performances of traditional stories interwoven with personal narrative have earned Laura Simms worldwide recognition and honors since 1968.  Laura has created an irresistible cutting-edge performance style that bridges ancient oral tradition and performance art.  Simms’ storytelling is meaningful and uncannily entertaining for her international audiences.  Her warmth, depth of understanding, profound effect on listeners, diverse material, humor, gorgeous voice and range of characterizations have achieved legendary status. 


Laura performs stories for adults and family audiences. She brings her expertise to collaborative projects worldwide, exploring social issues, peacemaking, creativity and community dialogue.   Her work has varied from serving as artist-in-residence at universities to creating original theater-dance works; co-designing a playground based on a fairytale to working in conflict resolution and peace making with refugees. She is presently working on a new training process and workbook of stories for those displaced by natural disaster.

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 Laura changes "lifetime moods" by exploring a different point of view.  Do they change forever?  Yes, When old stories are no longer of interest.


That is the exploration that is, or will be my major offering.  I have been saying that what we react to is our story, that is, our interpretation to life's events.  The linkage of how the events create the story or the story creates the events, is of immense interest and a key to freedom.

Amazing work in the wake of disaster