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Ken Ludwig

I am grateful every day of my life for the second chance from substance abuse, so I can point to the footsteps of recovered living.

Meet Ken Ludwig

Over the years, I have come to understand that we all suffer from the weight of our bad habits – those repetitive, learned, self-defeating patterns that we would love to stop.


Everything that I do from workshops, to one-on-one counseling and coaching, to my radio shows and speaking engagements is about helping people to assimilate the tools they need to put those old self-destructive behaviors down and walk away.


I want everyone to have the power to free themselvesfrom everything that is holding them back; everything from hard core addictions to just those plain old bad habits.

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Ken Ludwig, Inspiration from the Earth of Experience

Spending a good part of life, in the dirt, makes for an amazing groundedness and strength.  the toughest "nuts to crack" can become the steadiest guides in life.


We went everywhere in this conversation, from fast, to slow, street smart and naive, sureness and uncertainty, but whatever we talked about the one thing that predominated was really caring.