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It is possible for all human beings to bring an end to fearfulness

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"It seems indisputable that the overwhelming majority of human beings live in the experience of psychological misery and live their lives as an incessant search for relief from the sense that something is wrong, something needs to be done or undone, gotten or gotten rid of. Our experience of our own lives has shown us directly that it is possible for all human beings to bring an end to fearfulness, discontent and alienation from life with a simple act of inward looking that can easily be accomplished by anyone willing to try. This is like nothing you have ever heard before; this is a revolution in the making for all of humanity."


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John Sherman, Just One Look

We have a notion that what is really alive is Presence.  Presence responds rather than reacts.  That part of the wisdom teaching that responds will change every moment in harmony with what is in front of it.  That part of wisdom teaching that is concept will collapse.


We also have a belief in continuous (and slow) evolution, that even the Grand Canyon was worn down one grain of sand at a time.  That view makes us very complacent.  I lived in the west and in the mountains and looking at the evidence it becomes clear that the carving of the earth happened in mega-events, not one grain of sand at a time.  In that 1000 year flood enough rocks and bolders were pushed by the torrents that they carved major channels overnight.  I have seen mountains soaked and turned into jello and fall in hours.


Our society is in for some big changes, even that we don't believe can happen.  Power structures that took centeries to build can come down in weeks.  They won't rebuild in weeks though, so it won't be pretty.  For this I say that wisdom teaching is in for some enormous changes.  I will be here to participate.  Thank you John Sherman.

John Sherman WebCast

In June of 2007 John Sherman drove to Chicago and appeared 4 times on NNH
John Sherman’s work is to teach the method of the vichara to all who are interested.

Like everyone, John spent most of his life unconsciously searching for the one perfect path out of the wilderness of human life; the one perfect idea, the one perfect thing to think, to understand, to want, to have, to believe, to become that would bring him salvation and satisfaction.  The course of John’s search was extreme compared to most, but the result was the same: nothing worked, nothing ever does.

Late in 1975, when he was 33 years old, John discovered the perfect idea of perfect Social Justice, and set out to become the perfect Communist revolutionary.  joined with a small group of anarcho-communist radicals, and embarked upon four years of bank robberies, property bombings, gunfights with the police, two escapes from federal prisons and two years on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List; all done in the name of supporting the struggles of the American worker for justice.  In the end it came to nothing.

Here are four shows with John


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    That June of 2007 we received a one hour Comcast "slot" on Thursdays channel 19 in the Western Suburbs
    Never Not Here Has broadcast weekly to these 60 cities to the west since that date. Now we also have 60 cities to the south, and 12 to the North.