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Jennifer Salima Holt

Jennifer Salima Holt

There are many facets to Jennifer Salima Holt, Ph.D. Whether assisting folks as a healer, giving workshops, performing as a sacred song musician, conducting trainings with the Sacred Gateway Program, or speaking about her work in prisons and hospices, Jennifer's mission remains the same: to heal the planet, by building bridges of peace, acceptance and love among all people and spiritual disciplines around the world.

That's why she considers herself a Sacred Bridge Builder.

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Getting Beyond Self-Loathing

Jennifer Salima HoltJennifer Salima Holt

in order to be awake, are we supposed to be self-content all the time? in self-love and delightedness with our human personality? for most of my life, that's what i thought, so i would try and try to self-improve, working on all those 'bad' emotions and behaviors that made me a less holy or evolved person, determined to rid myself of my anger and depression and anxiety and bitchiness once and for all.

but guess what. it's still there. and the more i've tried to beat it...the shadow parts of me for lack of a better word...down, the farther away i geo from feeling integrated, self-content, or at peace.

can we be at peace, in oneness, and still have self-loathing lurking around sometimes? yes, i know so. it is only through my humanity that the light comes. it is only when i surrender trying to change, allow the bottoming out process to become my ground and cradle, that the light can buoy me. even in the self-hatred, in the regret, the frustration, the anxiety, the wishing i could die, even here, Love is, Light is, Spirit is.

that's why i like to work with prisoners. because when they truly get that they are ok, regardless of what they have done, who they are, where they are, regardless of their mistakes, then pretty remarkable transformations occur.

Picture from premier of Songs and Stories of Light, Love and Liberation, Minneapolis, MN, Feb. 2010.

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Songs and Stories of Love, Light and Liberation

Jennifer Salima HoltJennifer Salima Holt

Folks, have you ever tried to promo, produce, rehearse and blog your own live events? wow, time-consuming. but fun!!! i have so much passion and belief in the prisoners, and the ones who have found enlightenment, it brings tears to my eyes. i can't wait to bring these stories to the world at large. Please pass on the following if you know anyone in Minneapolis. Much love and salaams, jennifer salima

BOOK SIGNING: Magers & Quinn (3038 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, 612-822-4611), Friday, Feb. 19, 7:30 pm, cost: free. Jennifer will read selections from her new book, Sacred Gateway of Grief and Loss: Freeing the Imprisoned Soul (Indigo Heart Publishing, 2009), based on her extraordinary experiences of leading grief and loss groups and sacred chanting in the prison system. She will also perform songs from her CD, Ecstatic Groove: Sacred World Chant Infusions , as a preview to her concert the following night.


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