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To move in the world with true happiness you must see you are powerful beyond measure.

Meet Isira

Isira’s presence is a power that inspires, uplifts and changes lives. Her life is committed to bringing wisdom and compassion to the world. As a self-realised master of enlightenment, she is here to help us all to awaken to create a world of greater love, peace and well-being. 
Our world today is filled with fear and uncertainty as we watch individuals, society and the environment breaking down and transforming.  Many questions appear to be unanswered about our self, relationships, spirituality, health and the environment.
Isira shares insights and reveals enlightened answers on the core issues in our lives including how we have lost connection with consciousness and what we can do to transform and rebuild our lives with awareness. Her presence activates our energy and consciousness, which supports us all to awaken to inner peace and our full potential.

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Isira, the Feminine Voice in the 21st century


 Hi from Reenah,  What a pleasure it was for me to rest in the presence of Isira, let alone to show case our Australian representative of a penetrating clarity from the female perspective. I found Isira expressed so much helpful insight in this talk.

No detachment here, as her responses were always practical to this life as well as insightful to our upward awaking,  


Here are a couple of short segments to wet your appetite followed by 40 minutes of our discussion.


Redefine our Relationship with Ourselves, 2:57 Woman's Awakening Unburdens Man, 2:50



40:16 Min 

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Isira in Satsang, Sydney, Feb 23rd

I went to Dee Why (suburb name) and watched Isira work in Satsang. A Very full night.

Isira, Spiritual Sustainability


 A reference point is vital to have any contact with experience at all.  How could that be  wrong?  How could that be bypassed?  There are many confusions, but it's simpler than that. 

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