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2nd Landing Pages and Links

PLEASE ADD YOUR ENERGY TO OUR SITE. These are "Link-in" tools that anyone can use. They are made up of a teaser sentence and a link to the appropriate "landing page" (2nd group is here). Each pair is a Twitter post, or Facebook post etc. etc. Just click and download this (204) complete list pdf  to your desktop, and each time you go on Facebook, make one post at the beginning and one post at the finish of your session.

Please help us spread the word by posting a sampling of these links on any micro-blogging site that you have, and THANKS! (Back to Page One)

101) Ronda LaRue is very precise on enlightenment.
102) An assumption of being in something, and this is verified by trying to get out of it
103) 4:24 min video, It could take a momentary hit, something makes an impression.
104) The eyes are open. I came here for this Mooji
105) 7:43 min video Is it a head start by more conditioning? in a way so innocent
106) 8:39 min video, Stay in tune with the essance, then it becomes the master
107) It's a platform for good discussion.
108) A result we wish to emulate, we Mock it Up hoping something will stick
109) 2:19 min video, Any idea about control is seen through as a total illusion.
110) video, Even the smallest things are so rich, 1st you have to be interested
111) 9:07 min video, Between the string of words, something has the possibility to show up
112) 3:40 min video Being Identified with what flows through your feeling matrix
113) 6:52 min video, Hardness has a defensiveness about it, beliefs are only thing to defend
114) 3:56 min video, Missed an opportunity to give (or offer) ease to another
115) Poems get to the point.
116) 8:49 min video, Of what use are names and labels added to the concept of me?
117) 1 to forgive is yourself for buying in to such a story of blame
118) No words can ever capture the actuality of this one eternal present moment.
119) Video for Recognizing Present Awareness, with Scott Kiloby. What is it?
120) 2:10 min video It's all divine, the pleasantness and unpleasantness are shaped by my fears
121) 4:48 min video, This meditation is an awareness that we are going to be having forever
122) 1:13 min video What value is in the truth? None unless you live where it's missing
123) 5:57 min video, We are all now recovering from what we've done before to get relief.
124) 3:57 min video, Everything is happening right now, even thoughts of the big bang
125) 9:54 min video, If you don't answer my mind's question, that's just avoidance
126) 5:33 min video, There is some yearning to be connected, can that be investigated?
127) 6:15 min video, Can you get into the habit of steering your attention, even somewhat?
128) 6:12 min video Upsets come and go, but it is like a radio show on in the background
129) New experiment, find if there are natural barriers in people
130) video, If we feel safety is compromised, natural reaction is to search in ideas
131) 8:16 min video, When things seem to be going right, we never think twice about life.
132) Poetry is very popular on this site.
133) 3:52 min video, There is an incredible stamina in all of us to meet challenges.
134) Original poetry
135) NEVER about finding, getting somewhere, or making something happen.
136) Affects lives of more and more people-even who has never been attracted
137) video, What is the nature of my momentum, life unfolding with this tendency?
138) Share your favorite music or listen to others.
139) 8:24 min video, A natural silence which recognizes itself, recognizing itself as it is
140) Never explored life in the subtle shades of gray Is that the only place truth can hide?
141) Religions and practices focused on that one Key, that probably is already the case.
142) Mooji dialogue from satsang in Port Chester
143) 4:57 min video, Looking through self centeredness was the overriding experience.
144) 9:19 min video, Let's just speak of self itself, content is not a part of consciousness
145) I Have ALWAYS Been This
146) Mooji
147) 6:05 min video, Talk about shock energy, a high level of disintegration
148) 1:31 min video, Why do you watch our show, do we have you addicted?
149) 3:17 min video, It is very economical, all I know is what to do next.
150) 5:13 min video, When you take a holy statement as a state, it becomes your own.
151) 4:30 min video, What you are entertaining, it's already in place, what is it?
152) 6:42 min video, How could find myself doing this? Everything happens step by step.
153) Here's a great uplifting video, that'll make you laugh. Papaji
154) video, If you were just here, you wouldn't have any beliefs nor any doubts
155) 5:03 min, Second hand comforts, entertainment, busy-ness, foods, worry, to-do lists.
156) Introduce yourself, Tony.
157) NNH Forum discussions, our meeting ground
158) 9:33 min video, Song and mantra can bring a new level of personal okayness
159) Is there free will to choose what happens? If so, where does it seem to function?
160) 6:04 min video, The Glue is the Daily Narrative that you hold in your Head
161) 2:24 min video, The beauty is more in the seeing than in what is seen.
162) 3:11 min video, There is no prize in any of this stuff, try things to find that out
163) More videos from Mooji.
164) Healing industries perspective, lack self confidence, abandonment and relationships
165) 4:03 min video, Heart is nothing but the silence, Heart is a symbol of that.
166) 6:28 min video, Amazing wisdom, close the mouth when it is not necessary
167) You realize that you can take a break from your normal routine and be completely free
168) Great discussion video among new friends
169) 7:32 min video, What wants to visit the reality of us today, this beauty that I am
170) 5:34 min video, Anything can be useful if it doesn't lead into another story
171) 4:07 min video, You have to be honest with yourself to see where you are
172) What if awareness of the One only comes about through the agency of human subjects?
173) 2:25 min video, What is the benefit, being conscious of being here only in this moment?
174) Mooji videos are some of the most popular.
175) A space where you can say what is true in this moment for you.
176) 10:01 min video, We are not guaranteed tomorrow, this is truly all that we have
177) Our conditioning hasn't been to enjoy life, we believe that we need to wait.
178) I can say that I didn't have a big bang in which everything became clear.
179) 8:07 min video, This exact moment is your ego's biggest nightmare.
180) 1:02 min video, The attention likes to rest in itself, try it out?
181) Poetry very popular thread.
182) In Poetry, I am the kingdom that you seek, the simple truth that words can't speak.
183) 6:15 min video, Sometime it takes lots of full-on experiences, maybe belief in risk
184) video, Will Power is a stress reaction, it's not easy to question this practice
185) 1:54 min video, Seems silly to refute thoughts or play the game any less full heartedly
186) 1:51 min video, Absolutely free and available right now, but it can't be done.
187) 4:08 min video See what the stillness is all about, not distraction with the technology
188) 10:05 min video, Richard Miller talks about what is up for 2010 with Never Not Here
189) 9:37 min video, Take a break with Kevin Griffin, about 9 meditative minutes.
190) 2:20 min video, Notice, that this can't leave you, life as it is, can't go anywhere.
191) Prolonged discussions dig deeply to the point.
192) 7:13 min video, A master must be the embodiment of a realization
193) 3:12 min video, It cannot be found cannot be lost, the life force emanating out of THAT.
194) Could any advaitist speaker be so dynamic? Would it work, would it be well received?
195) 8:32 min video, Pointers have nothing to do with concepts, meant to break them
196) Maren shares poetry
197) 10:00 min video, The fiction is believed that this place has got to be wrong
198) If we see that we started from Love, and we are trying to get back to love
199) 8:09 min video, The interpreter-analyzer all from memory of past experience
200) Video, The essence part of use, knows love, joy, peace, truth. Non-essence never does
201) Everything we try to exclude is included. No going anywhere, not inward nor outward.
202) 9:12 min video, What goes on all the time that we are not considering?
203) 7:24 min video, Everyone has created their own prison, and has their own key to it
204) Original poem, Love Is Like This..


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