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Landing Pages, and Links for posting Micro-blogs

PLEASE ADD YOUR ENERGY TO OUR SITE. These are "Link-in" tools that anyone can use. They are made up of a teaser sentence and a link to the appropriate "landing page" (1st hundred are here). Each pair is a Twitter post, or Facebook post etc. etc. Just click to download new updated 204 links pdf to your desktop  (or stay with the old order pdf) , and each time you go on Facebook, make one post at the beginning and one post at the finish of your session.

(THE FINE PRINT, remember this is a toolbox for communication, and not a good way to link to and surf webpages.  For surfing these pages, it is kind of  "pot luck", because I sorted them on purpose in a random order, so that consecutive posts would not all be by the same teacher.  The numbers are just for your reference, (so that you can keep track of which was your last post). There are lots of links, not because I am suggesting a very big job, but so you don't have to repeat.  Perhaps for just plain "surfing the videos" it is easier on Youtube but then the comment fields won't register on our site.)

Cycle these posts through your sites at whatever rate you desire, and bring your friends into our party. You don't even have to be a registered user to help.

You can also cruise the links and watch our Youtube videos. Make a comment on the ones you like!  Please help us spread the word by posting a sampling of these links on any micro-blogging site that you have, and THANKS! (Go to Page Two)

1) Something, talking about nothing, makes another something, to do about it.
2) Let tension remain tension. but do not make it into apprehension.
3) On the one side there are the Pandavas who represent the positive thoughts in you
4) 7:57 min video, When the ability to just see stories pass by, then what's left?
5) Pretty good poems make you reflect.
6) video What is the draw towards a loving experience, desire for happiness?
7) What is Now? This seems to be the only relevant question. All others point to what isn't now?
8) 2:58 min video, What can happen when we bring our attention to, Here?
9) 6:35 min video, The attitude and the dialog, I don't like this, this is the key that unlocks
10) 4:32 min video, Projection is the most fantastic flexibility of this life form
11) 2:05 min video, Everybody has their life, and they're taking it so so seriously.
12) 7:03 min, Where is the relationship, where is the 'We' that I am trying to improve?
13) Introduce yourself.
14) 3:06 min video, How does this show up in your life? Can you see it?
15) 5:52 min video Lots of presenters want to shake up the box, but we want to fill it
16) ́s not really understanding, it ́s more like you get used to it somehow
17) 5:05 min, There's a part of me wanting to have that peace and understanding
18) Let the mystical interrupt your reasoning for a moment.
19) Hierarchy of talking: 1 it's necessary, 2 helpful but harmful, 3 hot air, 4 damaging
20) 6:13 min video, without personal discovery, only the grounding of our grandfathers
21) 5:44 min video, Following some imagination, can be very fun, (or not)
22) 7:41 min video, Deeper than words, a space of connection, a breath of life
23) You can ask a question to the world.
24) video All you have to deal with is your own (impersonal) presently conscious stuff
25) Lots of responsive people engage with this site.
26) What is there in the immensity of existence that is outside of awareness?
27) 9:43 min video, There is a tendency to believe everything that you think.
28) 4:13 min, There is a separate me that cannot allow this, that what is happening
29) 3:33 min video What is the limit of attention, why is it linear, on thoughts or feelings
30) Questions and Answers from the author
31) a traditional festival that includes an all night long vigil
32) 2:52 min, This clump of thinking that there is something to do to know who I am
33) I was a seeker who thought that devotional (like bhakti) is interesting
34) 8:18 min video, I am doing, now I am not doing. It is this I that is false.
35) 9:41 min video, That which is seeing everything is that which we truly are.
36) 0:53 min video, Is it useful to have a focus for Intellegence?
37) 4:45 min video We keep searching for the Real World, or just assuming that it exists?
38) 2:37 min, The same energy will show up in different ways and move into story.
39) 9:58 min video, The nature of the mind is doubt, making decisions is a huge issue
40) 3:51 min video, Are you just absorbing? What role should I take on?
41) 2:13 min video, Non Duality's value is applied only where it seems there is twoness.
42) 3:10 min video, No belief takes you to a higher place, if so, we would all be there
43) 8:39 min video, Every time attentions wanders, it is not about a you that's lost.
44) 4:54 min video, Ideas that it could be different than it is, keeps people running
45) 6:46 min video, A Delicate Delivery of the Truth to get beyond any defense
46) 5:54 min video Children / Raising 2 of the seemingly most separate of beings.
47) video, This Clarity Bubble, I had never seen that before, no one to even see it.
48) 7:48 min video, I as Thought, as Emotion and Form is found as a limited dream
49) People are posting more and more interesting perceptions
50) 5:24 min, Can it be any other way that the whole notion of becoming exists right now?
51) I was the 3rd character, handyman, lighting, sound and logistics man.
52) Is there such a thing as enlightened behavior? and thus unenlightened behavior?
53) What would happen following the thread that knitted all of your problems
54) Distinguish between genuine seeking and the seeking which is an egotistical mask
55) Musician links, pretty cool relaxing music.
56) Reader's Club gets answers directly from author, ongoing.
57) Talking about Katie Davis's book
58) video, Take a break with Florian Schlosser, just about 6 meditative minutes.
59) 3:05 min video, Can you really Know, that you are always the Truth?
60) 8:46 min video, Coming back to the simplest understanding, that before any knowledge.
61) 5:42 min video, There is no magical moment where you are going to get everything
62) 9:21 min video, That I is superimposed on the watching of how life is unfolding
63) music on a slide show of Nisargadatta photos
64) 3:07 min, Who actually is it, does it exist beyond our education, daily experiences?
65) Mooji
66) The impetus that insists I think that next thought, and then why do I go with it?
67) 3:00 min video, Freedom is just another word for fullness beyond measure.
68) 2:21 min video, How many times a day do we get upset? Does it work?
69) 7:53 min video, Meet all the pain on the way down, or just a natural process anyway?
70) 5:21 min, All those big Global Stories can surely hypnotize the fear engine
71) 7:18 min video, Mental participation, seems to be a drive for busyness
72) 1:28 min video An intellegent discerning ability can see where analysis is really needed
73) 9:43 min video, If we don't move from awareness, even when problems come in?
74) 4:30 min video, Awakening, a difference from being caught up in the story of me
75) 1:50 min video, The methods to put out the fire, But who is the fire starter?
76) 1:19 min video, You think that you fall in love with something, like a person
77) 7:35 min video, Are you believing in a long lasting separate entity?
78) 4:43 min video, You Are That, then please drop the You, and also please drop the That.
79) 6:09 min, 2nd path of the book, going from a feeling to being able to actually point to it
80) 5:59 min video, We seem to assume that this mental state is a form of reality
81) 3:02 min video, What False Belief has the power to mess with my life?
82) Once we eat from the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, what's it mean?
83) 10:19 min video, The spiritual search, (hopefully) eventually leads to exhaustion
84) Don't miss Scott Kiloby's 2nd video from his Living Realization text. It makes it very clear.
85) 5:57 min, Not object consciousness, self consciousness, attention on the watcher
86) 4:15 min video, What are these experiences? are they just another imagination?
87) 4:23 min video We can go so long believing a category is stuck on ourself.
88) 9:16 min video, There's got to be more than this, how can this be it?
89) 4:19 min video, Who am I without my Projects?
90) 3:09 min video, How big a piece of the Truth do you have a perception of?
91) 7:42 min video, A force in each person, aims at apprehension of my interests
92) While you're attending something mind creates the illusion your missing it
93) 2:15 min, If I can make a space for others, who else can do this but me?
94) 0:40 min video, Nothing needs to change if everything takes on an immense new interest
95) 4:23 m video There are always people that will have trouble making connections in life
96) Quite a few e-books, they're new and offered for your download.
97) Even after a 100 years, neo-advaita must be very delicate
98) 5:37 min, Oh my god, everything is impermanent, and that is only half of the story
99) 6:26 min video, Radiant, peaceful, blissful, with a simplicity in the breath, life
100) 5:10 min video, Go to the center which is the self and see things anew


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