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Unmani, Ordinary Play of Life

Unmani's creative expression of Love shines through in our meeting.  A relaxation unfolds while talking with her, and In this intimate dialogue we explore what is real right now.  Her words can ‘crack’ you open. 


Unmani says “I'm not interested in the kind of Non-duality in which you imagine yourself as a witness which is distant and removed from the ordinary personal play of life.”  Isn’t this what many of us often do?  If you look closely, something is being separated out as "not real", and that must be what we are most uncomfortable with.


The feminine expression of non-duality rests in the Silence.  This is what melts the belief in separation, just as all the round-about words try to do. This Silence has such a penetrating presence.  It is the destroyer of illusion and anything that is not real and true. It is not soft and fluffy, and it is not dry and logical.  It loves so much, that it chops the heads off both. 

Elle Collier Re, In a True Meeting what appears

There is great power in truly meeting another.  But we have imposed barriers between us, perhaps in the grappling of our expression of individuality?   Up until now we're only partly conscious of each other. What happens when for a moment we drop all barriers?  Maybe in our deepest heart it's what we yearn for, to share the gift of our self/essence.   Then what we wish to receive from the other is simply ‘them’. 


This meeting with Elle Collier Re has been a real holiday gift for me.  I hope that you will find it as my holiday gift for you.  I feel in my heart that it is something very special. 


This is a very unique dialogue from all those that I have heard. Elle doesn't merely deliver a spiritual line but she recreates her thoughts in every moment. What is delivered is so fresh and so full of new discovery. It is amazing.


Reenah Sun


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Here is Face2Face three

Reenah SunReenah Sun

People meeting and receiving each other is a different phenomena than a teacher speaking their spiritual truths, or trying to communicate the glory of being human. Here you see it first hand. For those with eyes and ears, that don't get lost in the content of their own interpretation, this is raw beauty.

Facebook Art of Pairing


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Julia Schlosser, "Integrity of the Heart"

This video with Julia and the previous one with Ananta are the beginning of my series on practical spirituality with the feminine principle.   I found Julia so mature, so felt as a woman, so transparently honest, and so inspiring.  She spoke from a wisdom of experience, and has gone through her own fire of her body preparing to carry her awakening out into the world.

We even shared how the feminine awakening is an immense relief to the masculine, and frees his creativity and his sense of resting in the world.

  • How can we stand by each other to support the woman of the 21st century?  
  • How can we find our own authenticity and see from there the obviousness of our common dream? 
  • How can we hold a collective vision and re-write the programming that our society mimics? 
  • So that our children can have fulfilling and sustainable lives? 

Reenah Sun, NNH Co-host, gives Us a Taste of Ananta
Love is Holding it All
Reenah's Vision, the Self Expressive Woman
Here is a taste of what you will hear in the full video with Ananta and Reenah Sun. It is a new look into the feminine and a responsibility for both the love and the emotion that goes hand and hand with that love.
The Whole World of Drama
The Wound of Man
The power of words. This is such a powerful excerpt and it both explains and points to the way out of the whole of human drama. This is the collective under which yoke we are all pulling. Yet because of the first title that I gave it, "The Wound of Man" it has had way less views than the others. Is it our natural urge not to face up to what we are avoiding?

Face2Face, multiple Dialogues, Oct 7th & 21st 2012

Reenah SunReenah Sun


I highly recommend these two videos which illustrate the meeting of a "circle of friends," but not with any idea of presenting spiritual teachings.  In fact my delight in both of these episodes is the complete honesty that we all can feel when we express to and receive each other with no intent to show off what we think that we know.  This is pure discovery.  Most of the participants had no idea of how they would appear and might have had some trepidation.  Yet they courageously went forward to meet the new opportunity to be themselves.

My congratulations to Reenah Sun for authoring and organizing these encouters. 

Reenah tells us, 2 Sundays in October, 2012 
I had the delightful pleasure of meeting with other Ettv members in 5 countries and 3 continents.
 Circle of 6 on October 21st



Circle of 5 on October 7th


 We were sharing on a topic close to us, but I couldn’t help notice that something deeper was taking place, a meeting of 5 hearts. … So what does it mean to really ‘receive one another?  With all our differences, one thing we have in common is our apparent willingness to see who we are.   I believe Face2Face must be a "next level" for our ETTV forum sharing.  

I have been focusing on this since I organized for ten of us to appear on Never Not Here in these previous months.  Now with Hangouts we can take matters into our own hands.

Let's develop our listening skills, learn to take lightly our trigger points, learn where to apply our sharp wit and/or a loving acceptance.  Let's get more of you onto the next encounter.  Let's drop our self critic and take a chance to bask in love.  Some regulars and surely priority for some new faces.  After all, there are 10 slots in the Hangout format and we are not creating a "panel of experts".

Whomever feels the calling, drop me a line.  Depending on the response, is every 2 weeks a good rhythm?  reenahsun (at)

Love from Reenah and the gang.

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