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Nicole Foss

If we can face world events without blanking out and without building anxiety, then we might prove to be the most effective in our own lives.

Meet Nicole Foss

For me Numbing is a coping mechanism that is so very costly.  Perhaps it is actually the creator of separation?  We can't feel each other any more.  Yet world events are so painful that it seems numbing is the only solution.  I have long held that someone needs to tell us a mechanism for comping with and "digesting" (accepting) world pain.


Nicole takes a sober look at the world and says, "be effective"  you are on for the ride anyway.  Make your best out of it.  Do what you can, and even enjoy that.  I love it.

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Nicole Foss, a Sober look at the world situation

I wanted to uncover the origins of man's economic realtionships.  Maybe that was too ambitious of a goal?


Insightful is when she says people are either complacent or panicky.  Where are those "Place-Holders" in the middle?  Those that can take effective action while there is meaningful time to do so?  Where are those that can take life's challenges and even enjoy them and enjoy doing what is humanly possible to reduce the impact of mistaken behavior, behavior choices of self, and of the other?