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In the collecting of these conversations, I used to manage it all from Chicago, and then sometimes I move around to find people of interest to you.  Then I seem to make a deeper connection that can only happen face to face.


Now I have felt a pull to Australia, and Never Not Here Down Under has been a reality for the last year.  Of course I won't be traveling as a "barefoot alien".  I will have a load of cameras and sound equipment and I will be filming and web casting whomever in that broad continent will speak about consciousness.  In yet another chapter I have been in Thailand for a half of year doing a great introspection into the relationship between our doing and our being worlds.  I will be sharing these (to me) very great discoveries in short order.


I don't usually move without the help of friends.  So this is what I am asking, both financially and with your ideas and connections.  Please feel free to offer support in any measure.


Below I have prepared what I call reciprocal gifts.  Please don't feel that you are buying these items.  Give the gift you want, to support this work, and receive one of these gifts if you wish.




In one way I already give to everyone, all the insight into what inspires me, which is this whole site and its contents.  I do that because I can do it, because I want to be in larger community, and because I want to test more people's feedback about things which are not always easy to share or be received by those closest to us. 


Perhaps that is just our failing in not finding the words which do not shock, or that do seem practical enough to consider.  Or, we are not really that close to anybody without some kind of adversarial relationship, however subtle.


I have wanted to give some other kind of gift of appreciation, and so this might be the experiment to see if that can easily happen.

DVD's as a Reciprocal Gift

Over the last couple of years many people have chosen to donate energy to this activity by using the above Donate Button, and every time it happened, I have taken the opportunity to write and express my gratitude.



Watch this 1st session with Florian on Youtube.

I would like to give you session 2, 3, 4, and 5 on DVD as a thanks for being the fundimental part of NNH.


At the same time of making an appreciation gift I want to make life easy for me.  This shouldn't be that big of a production because the donate button is not used that often.


So, I'll say for every $100 gift I will send out the DVD's.


Please be sure that your 1st class mailing address (to any country) is noted on your Pay Pal instructions. Please use the PayPal Personal transfer tab.  As a gift, there is no transfer fee.

And Thank You.


Some time ago Florian and I made 5 recordings which include some of the clearest sharing and most deeply touching moments of my talking with any guest.


Each session is a logical extension of the previously laid foundation and quite different in its focus and impact.  All together they tie into a logical construct that successfully transports a level of knowing that transforms how we look at and how we feel about life. You can definitely feel the "Play of Freedom".


Whether this is the expression of some ultimate truth or not is irrelevant.  Any and Every expression of how life works is only an abstraction that either helps to ease our discomfort with this moment, or it doesn't help.  Everything impacts each individual differently.  These days of recording had helped me immensely.


The most important thing that I have learned about life by doing this show, (and that which really none of us have learned well), is how to receive. Please receive this web site with total ease and effortlessness.


I have never made any part of this site commercial, not because I have some altruistic idea that it doesn't take money to make our modern world go around???? It's just that I'm too concentrated on new guests and preparing archives, to have any time to think about financing this thing or setting it on a firm foundation.


Friends have convinced me that there should at least be a way to add energy. So here it is. Donations will be processed in our old company name (when I had a job) Central Art Service is me.



3 More Reciprocal Gifts

Perhaps you have heard me talk about structured water? It's a health benefit for both plant and animal (human) tissue.  Of course I am not a water scientist.  I just tried it, and believed that I felt a difference.  Then I learned to make them, by taking one apart.


Now I want to offer one of these units that can change the quality of water in your household.  Again, don't buy this.  It is a reciprocal gift that you can experiment with.


Details and an explanitory video here.

3 sizes of structured water units





A Very Big Thanks


  • Most Important - Tell your friends. To share this message is the primary driving force behind NNH. Often our closest family and friends can't understand our passion for Truth, our search for a deeper understanding, nor our interest in waking up. NNH attempts to clarify and demystify self-realization. We endeavor to meet people where they are, and speak in a simple language that is attractive and accessible to all. You can email our links to your friends, with your favorite videos or teacher, from our Youtube site and our web site URL.
  • The whole concept behind NNH is that:
    Now is a good time for everybody interested in a better world to join hands. That's why we feature many teachers and create a cross-fertilization of new ways of talking about the freedom that, to us, seems most important.


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