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Why do Deep Thinkers speak Less?

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Why do Deep Thinkers speak Less (Less here means Optimum Level Required)?

1. The more we are engaged in excessive talking, the farther we are away from Silence and Truth. Silence is the hallmark of maturity. Maturity arises always by having wide spectrum of access to worldly experiences around us especially self-knowledge. Statistics show that those who seek Enlightenment and Enlightened persons have better understanding about existence and speak less.

2. It's Jnana, the Self Knowledge that propels anyone to choose Silence over Speech on many occasions. Many problems naturally die by preferring simple Silence. By engaging in excessive talk we give life to problems which are prone to die naturally. This is why those who have Jnana speak less.

3. Deep Thinkers are always less Emotional than normal people. When emotions are less, we speak less naturally. The more our expectations, the more we talk.

4. Deep Thinkers want to be precise in their communication. The more we talk it becomes more of 'Loose Talk' and becomes deviated from the intended purpose. When we talk more we shift territories. To avoid this Deep Thinkers always stick to PRECISE COMMUNICATION.

5. Deep Thinkers know that by talking alone the LISTENER is not going to change. They know very well that it is not what you communicate alone is important, but it is more important what the listener TAKES from our communication. Deep Thinkers know very well that, if need be, the listener will come back for more clarifications if he does need more information. So deep thinkers always speak to optimum level only.

6. Deep Thinkers expect their communication to create a SPARK and PUNCH in the listener only by way of APT WORDS, PHRASES, TIMING, HUMOR and MEASUREMENT. So, DEEP THINKERS stop at the required level of communication.

7. The more we talk the CONFUSIONS will only increase more. Deep thinkers know this fact.

8. The more we think, naturally our speech gets reduced. On the round about, by reducing our speech we naturally become Deep Thinkers.

9. Everything converges to one single aspect 'INSECURITY.' Those who feel insecured always speak more than those who feel not that much insecured. DEEP THINKERS are better composed in handling many life situations.

10. Deep Thinkers speak Less (Optimum). But, not all people who speak less are Deep Thinkers.

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