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The whole Universe may be Alive and Aware.....!!!!!

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The whole Universe may be Alive and Aware.....!!!!!

We consider that water, air, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon etc as non living things. Just like Tables and Chairs, we are also composed of the same constituent elements only

It may not be a surprising fact to infer that the whole universe is a single living organism with awareness including the sub atomic particles like quarks, leptons, bosons, neutrinos etc. Without awareness how come these atoms and molecules interact with environment and form life?

A table can not be a table unless all the universal forces conspire to keep it as a table. The tables and chairs will fly apart into atoms and molecules if there are no Strong Nuclear Forces keeping them in order. Even the particles of the atoms revolve at terrible speed avoiding collision with each other (Speed of electron = 2,200 kilometers per second). Tables, Chairs, Soil, Sand, Moon, Earth, Sun, Galaxies and the Cosmos may be well aware of their functions and role in this grand system called Universe.

There is creation continuously happening all the time. This includes non-living and living beings. All matter is composed primarily of atoms, molecules, etc. While non living things are made of only atoms and molecules, living beings have cells which are primarily made of molecules like hydro carbon. Deep down every cell there is nothing but molecules and atoms once again. Suddenly the Hydro-Carbons, Water, Air (hydrogen and Oxygen) somehow begin to form a complex molecular structure giving rise to living organisms by means of biological cells ( DNA, Chromosomes, Genes etc), plants, animals, humans etc. This proves that there is no fine dividing line between non living and living beings. When appropriate conditions are met life spontaneously springs up from non living things. Under right conditions (Oxygen, Water, Sunlight etc) carbon chains can form cells sooner or later.

We call simple atoms and molecules as non‐life and complex molecules as life. Life naturally occurs from non living things under right conditions (Oxygen+Hydrogen+Carbon+Sunlight). Several species begins to form like

1) Primordial Mono-Cellular- (non sexual ) organisms like Fungus, Algae, bacteria, virus etc,

2) Simple Multi-Cellular Organisms (sexual) like Plants, Trees, Corals and sea based creatures,

3) Complex cellular Hydro Carbon species having neurons (comprising Dendrites, Axons, Microtubules etc) like Birds, Mammals, Reptiles etc,

4) Multi-adaptive complex cellular Hydro Carbon species having neurons like Primates, Primitive Humans, Dogs etc and

5) Finally the Higher Order species like Self Aware high neuron species like Humans and some animals. As evolution happens to higher order the species become capable of higher civilization expanding its presence beyond the Planets, Solar systems, Galaxies etc.

In my opinion the whole Universe may be well Aware and Intelligent. To put it correctly, the whole Universe may be evolving inside Awareness through the mechanism of Space, Time and Contents therein. This evolution can even be likened to a Natural Simulation or Dream conceived and enacted by Awareness.

Just as the Sun was not rotating around the earth, the Truth may be exactly 100% Opposite to our unshakable confidence that we are inside the Universe and instead the Whole Universe may be well inside you, THE ETERNAL AWARENESS.

Once we realize the above truth, the whole idea about the universe takes a different perspective from our past belief system and this may bring a WELCOME CHANGE in our approach to LIFE and LIVING.

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