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When Our Concepts are Blown

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Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

The moment that you see something that shocks you out of your belief system, there is that naked moment where you are open to the full brunt of reality.  Call it the mystery call it truth.  

Take a look here, and see if you can stay in that mystery for a couple moments longer, even while there may be great temptation to move toward some explanation?





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I elephant

Hi Richard,

Amazing is very nice, I hope this elephant likes this activity, it looks more innocent then all the other tricks they learn these beautiful animals.
As a baby elephant for her the most ultimate important is what she sees the most …other elephants, her family her most dearest and important friends. Elephant is elephanting, no hustle about search for truth. Only how to find good food and serve their family community.
Elephants can be very well trained they are flexible, learning, adaptive for bananas (the small Indian) they do all. Massive brain capacity they can remember and recognize you after many years, especially when you hurt them.
The power of influence is great, and as you see in the movie which probably comes from Asia (best trainers there) tons of bananas and other goodies and they will express the best what is the most important in their lives.

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When Our Concepts...

Hi Menno!

I really liked your comment on elephants. It was also my first thought about the painting elephant: How is he/she treated? I hope well and I also hope she gets a lot of goodies for doing such a great job.
What humans are doing to animals is yet not so great. We have dissociated us from animals and nature, beleving that we have the right to exploit them and maltreat them as we like and that they don`t feel any pain. But they actually do as much as we do when someone maltreat us.
If we as species hopefully reach a higher level of consciousness, hopefully before it is too late, I think we`ll feel love for the whole life on Earth, including animals.
If we don`t, then I think it will be too late for us too.


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i saw them do these last year on utube how fantastically wonderous!!! thank you for posting them xoam

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