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What's the point?

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Where would non-duality be without duality? In the end i guess everything is non-dual, yet this experience of duality, or polarity, is part of the whole game. Once we eat from the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we 'die' to the reality of non-duality. It's a process we all go through.

My question is: is there a point to it all? Apparently we are here to experience that which we experience, only to eventually find out that it was all an illusion, and that this seperate entity was never seperate from being at all. Who made up this grand scheme of things, and what is the point or benefit of it all? Or are we just experiencing this just because we can?

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In the Beginning, the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

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Not Really a "useful" question

The mind can entertain all sorts of questions. As it turns out none of the possible answers ever satisfy. That's why non-duality points you back to your present awareness as what you are. Really looking at and seeing your true nature is the only thing that ultimately satisfies. You are the source of all happiness and satisfaction. Have a look.

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. . . NOW as i notice this

NOW as i notice this topic...
Hooked On A Feeling

feeling .. just functional Senses ..

the SEEN .. "eyes that see" --jc .. WE screwed up that story !

the SEEN .. the surround .. GodCreation.


NOW as i type GodCreation picks the song in my surround
He's In Town
the "he" will be in fact.. WE.. the Rapture.

the point is Salvation.. just means survival.
the end of hurting.

this is just one version of the same story.

google this exact.. "the surround is consciousness"
You are looking..with just functional Your Soul..
the least of GodCreation. JC said IT this way.. I AM the Light.
Another said.. I AM THAT.

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The "purpose" of it all?

Seems the purpose of life is life itself. Would not even propose that there is a purpose why we (who?) are here at all. The questions raised in the before article are questions of the limited mind which asks for purposes and causes of things and appearances. Nothing wrong with it within the day to day realm of physical experience, however, not very helpful when it comes to final questions.
Mind is the source of all confusion.

Live life with joy and full awareness of the play of life. This is so much!
(Why is not nothing?)

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