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What is keeping the attetion away from this ??

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What is is. Awareness is. I know that my true nature is beyond thoughts and mind. I had experiences where i clearly without doubt without "Me" knew who i am.

Suffering happen only when attention is away from that - so what is preventing the attention to completely abide in that ? It seems that something is always keeping the attention away from that - yes there is a feeling of kind of edge, or cliff that need to be passed - yet it is only a thought, but responses in the body mind happen automatically - and then identification is believed to be real - and suffering starts. I am really tired of this (not even mentally but psychically also). I would like to be wholeheartedly free and always be aware what my true being is. What am i missing ?

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You are not missing anything.

You are not missing anything. You are already free. It is only the thought "I would like to be wholeheartedly free and always be aware what my true being is. What am i missing?" that appears to suggest that freedom is not already the case. No 'I' can be free. Freddom is.

Peace and Love to All

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"No 'I' can be free. Freddom

"No 'I' can be free. Freddom is"

Yes there is an intuitive knowing of this. But at the same time there is still sense of an individual I. To see and go beyond thoughts this conditioned body-mind needs to spend some time quiet and alone to somehow recognize the gaps between thoughts, or find the one who is aware of thoughts - then understanding happen by itself and "I me" dissolve. When i am among other people or while doing some business work i feel disconnected. And trying to "reclaim" that makes me feel even more disconnected. In moment like this i feel very identified with the body - and often think that all previous experiences and insights i had were a big fake. Then the doubts arises - if it is really possible to fully realize the Self.

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keeping you attention...

my understanding of this is that what i focus on grows.... so if i focus on the fact that my attention is "grabbed" by stuff that i dont "want" then i will get more of that same thing... when i feel the "tired" you speak of what I am really tired of is that I seem to have no appartent control over where my attention wants to fixate and really that is not true, i DO have a choice, always.

it helps to remind myself that thoughts are like radio frequencies and i have allowed myself to tune to stations that are no longer what i want to "hear" thses thoughts or frequencies will also just dissappear as i tune closer to the stations i DO want to listen to... for while it feels hard to pull out of thought waves that are not feeling good to me, but as i remind myself that there is only a stream of well-being and I am included in all the wonders of the universe and the universe is always working on my behalf... then i feel better and soon enough i feel better and better more and more of the time...

you are not missing anything, your just choosing to think and therefore feel you are missing something and that feeling is telling you that thoughts of how you are not quiet up to snuff is not quiet up to snuff with how the Love that you ARE sees you at all.

letting go and finding some lovely aspect of my immediate surroundings will usually put me in a spot right NOW of feeling better, and the icky stuff starts to fall away.. and i feel better...

you ARE always free, the you that is actually the source of YOU is just waiting fro you to take its hand and remember... manyof us are learning to truat this now after so very, very long of living with the doubt... miracles are your natural state of being they are right here with you right now... if there is a tiny mustard seed of trust in you left... love will find your heart again... dont worry... much love to you sweetie... xoam

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