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What’s the Value of Exercise?

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1. When we talk about the physical body we might say “use it or loose it”.  Even the school systems all have a physical training regimen.  That does tone the body, but it also serves to show young students that there are winners and losers in the world, and it helps them to place themselves in that hierarchy.

If you already have an active occupation, maybe you don’t need exercise, or you can work those muscle groups that are not part of your typical daily movement.  Or if you are physically or mentally exhausted, maybe long running or jogging will put your mind on just breathing, and you will unwind in that way.

One characteristic of this exercise is that it is energy spent that you do not get paid for, (unless you are a coach).

2. We also say that it pays to keep your mind active, do crossword puzzles, play cards and games with friends, play memory games.  This might qualify as exercise in that it is unpaid labor.

Reading is good, but it gives a payback, since it broadens thought and perhaps has a possibility to broaden your life.

3. What about talking?  Do we need to flap our jaw or risk premature ageing?  I think that it might be the other way around, that mindless flapping proves that we are already ageing. We are spending our attention contemplating sequences of words, that when put together make no possible difference to our (or anyone else’s) life.  Words are just sounds.  It is astute sequences of words that is useful thought.  Useful thought begins with an astute question.  To get a good question, many mediocre questions must be discarded.

To make an interesting forum post you write a statement or question that is already very meaningful to your life.  Actually everything that we say in life is our way of approaching “who we are”.  Everything that we say or think is about me.  At least there is a space in my every expression where I also reside, and that space may be viewed by us as binding or liberating.  Those statements are the fountainhead of our emotions.  Also my life experiences are the benchmark of everything I say about the other.

Some people’s speech is very direct, and they easily expose themselves. Who they are (in this moment) is reflected in their good natured empowerment, in this moment.  Other people complicate their speech endlessly, until they absolutely cannot find out who they are.  That brings them to declare I am nobody.  That is their preference after failing to find temporal meaning.  

If used right, what is the value of this forum?  One time years ago, I considered only giving accounts to those with a self photo as an icon.  I also ran workshops here, where you surely had to have a photo, because the whole point of the workshop was to find honesty.

Of course people use this space for their own ends.  If they want to be seen as being on the winning team, they like making declarations.  If they are eloquent at making these (for them) conventional wisdom claims, they tend to shut everyone else up.  There is no answer to a declaration, except a counter declaration, so what’s the point.

Still many people have genuine dialogues with others, and I am sure we all grow from that.

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Why shouldn't debate mongers

Why shouldn't debate mongers like me transform or grow into persons in genuine

Because we can and we have to eventually its worth catering for us too.

Leave us alone for gods sake...

Ha ha ha....

Your genuine dialogue clicks somewhere. It silences me a bit.
I think its a beautiful word. Such thing must be magic...a turn ...
My be life looking at also doesn't require two even one with oneself...

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If you want to make a radical experiment among friends . . .

I have been catering to you, for years.

If you really want to change to genuine dialogue over night, change your icon to your real photo.   One step further, change your user-name (which I can do for you).  If you want to be "Idiot", fine, that is relative.  But Angry has a direct meaning that what bugs you, you are powerless to change.  If you still want to be A.I. then be “Ardent Idiot” or some such.  Or here is a radical idea, use your name.

(I am suggesting a full make-over.) If you are ready, (or not) you will be amazed.

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Name change

I would like a name change. The new name is "Mukti Da". I will be adding a recent personal picture on my profile soon. Just want my profile to reflect recent changes in my pseudonym. Let me know if this is ok. Thanks Richard.

Oh, I have been reading on context 3 and will post something in a few days. I'm in the middle of moving, and need to be out old place by Sunday. Pretty busy.

- Jared

You Are Tacit.

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Thanks for taking up this challenge

 I will change it as you wrote it, with two words.  I will capitalize them, but I think that you can log in not case sensitive, but you will need the space.  Write me an email on "contact us" if you can't log in. (password is unchanged)

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Ps just forgot to tell u stop

Ps just forgot to tell u stop being such a old #@#@##@##...he he he..

But I am he he he. . (yes this is a poiintless counter)  Would only do it for you.


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There you go finally

There you go finally ....saying what u want to say...and its because you actually and fully know what u want to say.

Other times for someone who says words tend to complicate issues..i have seldom seen anyone who complicates things the way

For instance changing my photo will make me more serious....he he he...

Ardent idiot is alright but not angryidiot.

I still would like to know what u want us to know.
If u are able to say it and willing as well

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Ps...and I would also like to

Ps...and I would also like to draw attention...
For someone who doesn't like counter declarations overwrote my post and typed exactly what u catigerized as pointless counter.
Also notice the r in make sure every one knows its u...

As I said I still would like to hear u...

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What is good about this forum?

The vast majority of language is used to name and put into priority things or ideas that are generally agreed upon, and readily verifiable.  Then if you misuse language to call a mountain a valley, a horse a cow, or government spending as government saving, it doesn’t change much.  You may become less functional in society.  But others are not effected, (unless you get elected to office).


1. Here we are not using language in that way.  We are mostly talking about a supposed spiritual dimension, how life really works, or how best to live life.  These topics are not generally agreed upon nor readily verifiable.  So these topics are highly effected by the language that we use to describe them.  Since there is really nothing here for us to hold up and directly observe, I would call this a “creative language”.  We are building verbal concepts, that if we believe them, will change, limit, or broaden how we live.


I know that the way a person uses this type of language will circumscribe their life.  It is not something to prove.  But it is something that is easy to demonstrate, and demonstrate effectively with a very high percentage.  If I know this is so, then why would it not work for everybody?


Some people attempt to continually clarify their word contexts for themselves. 

And some other people seem to use every effort to denigrate their own language skills.  

  • They accept no definitions, 
  • Give equal weight to all alternatives, 
  • Unable to come to any conclusion, 
  • Entertain only ambiguous presumptions,  ✔︎
  • Don’t settle on any values, 
  • Don’t know what’s important to them, and never investigate it,
  • Emphasise the fear of others as a focus of attention, 
  • Hide their identity from others and themselves, 
  • Have a real communication, with less and less people,
  • Finally live in a secret world of their own making.


The clear language types of people are doing all of the above too.  But when they see it, they are able to move off of that behaviour more readily.  They see it more quickly, because their focus on clear wording puts things into better perspective.  This clarity is their own brand of “living truth” as they put things into clearer and clearer perspective each day.  


2.  I claim that spiritual teaching in the world is broken beyond repair and destined for the junk heap.  No commercial activity (well this is the one exception) could exist with such a gigantic failure record.  Of course it follows since much of spiritual speak is used to justify lack of evidence of any impact of its teachings in the world drama.  Further I point to the fact that seekers are in it for life.  There is no graduation, or acknowledgement that the teaching is now obsolete.  Nobody comes to "get it".  (They may think that they do, but the design is to keep you striving for the duration.)  You can become adept at denying and ignoring what hurts.  Much of that hurt is the world situation, which most seeker types distance themselves from.


Anyhow many spiritual teachings become adopted as a (philosophy or a) true way to focus our attention.  We borrow someone else’s discovery and try to live by it.  Much of our time gets consumed in trying to “transform” who we appear to be (who we are in this moment) into who we dream to be. This borrowing is most often a block to discovering our own truth of how life works.


3.  I am saying that the potential of this forum is to discover for yourself your abilities in life.  Not because someone will tell you what these abilities are.  That is the old model of seeking an expert.  By writing and digging deeper and deeper into your own thoughts, you will discover what gives you a desired result.  


If you deny having any desires or values, you will of course block this experiment. Often people want a proof before they engage.  I am saying that is a limited way to conduct life.  Can a mental model and a logic path demonstrate what works in life.  No, you have to live these different options, and experience the outcome.  You have to engage first.  Proof is only a doorstep to get you to engage.  Engage now without waiting.


4.  If you watch people you will notice that they do what they say.  If their speech is a confusion, they usually do confusing things.  What people say is not limited to their words.  It is how they dress, how they express emotions, and what they call themselves.  You might say that, what gives my parents the right to call me this name?  I am not this.  Later, when you realise you are not anything, then that first name will do just fine.


Here on the forum we present ourselves with a user name and an Icon.


If our user name is “FlimFlamMan” and our Icon is a photo of a car, caught in midair as it careens off of a cliff, You could expect certain kinds of posts.


If our user name is “MumboJumbo” and our Icon is a tornado with things flying off in all directions, we would get incoherent posts that lead nowhere.


If our user name is “MonkeyBusiness”, and our Icon is from the Planet of the Apes, our speaker wouldn’t come up with any practicalities for this life.


I am not going to prove this to you.  My offer was based on your opportunity to demonstrate it.  I say that you will find out what matters for you, and it will be instantaneous.


5.  Now I caught you on your misrepresentations.  


On at least 4 empty posts on this thread and another 4 empty posts on your last thread you pleaded that you really don’t understand what I want to say.  This, even though there was a lively conversation below, that was clarifying everything.


Now you notice that I made an empty post by inserting my comment in blue ink.  I escape that claim because I didn’t really make an empty post, I merely fiddled with your empty post.


But this proves your untruthfulness, since you do understand exactly what I am saying, which is my hint, DON’T MAKE EMPTY POSTS.


Those who are willing and not intentionally muddled, understand well.  I REST MY CASE.

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I just fiddled with your

I just fiddled with your empty post...only fiddled I didn't do
Anything....nope.....dont you make empty posts...

Your problem is posit complex problems which are not there and also in your posts speculate about the type of people who are not there...not to the degree...both...
You somehow hypnotized yourself to believe.

I think all the gurus you interviewd made you posit inside yourself a counterpart a typical confused human whom you use as a regular frame.

A logo with a crashing car tells you more than just a photo.does it not.
Can u be frank...i don't think so.

Your every other line is a contradiction of the other Richard.

If your purpose is to encourage to dig deep..isnt a crashing car brilliantly creative as a logo...than a dead face...which the other can't read????

What is it that you want us to still haven't told us...
Why? Because deep down you know something.what is it...?

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Once again you fiddled with

Once again you fiddled with ur own post after I replied.
You rest your case I beg not to at least with you're self.
With me sure.only one small example..

Lets take the question what am I.its considered traditional.
Because it didn't take u anywhere you created an aversion for that aversion...and that to u has become the definition of being free.

Fine....but the model has become ur standard much so...
You posit issues which are no where relatable.

And ur energies are spent there...with absolute brilliance on the periphery.

Same energies as an example would have settled as an example "what am I". Once and for other words you some how lost the focus in solving yourself ...first.
Love Richard dudee. You have every right to cuss or scold me...but don't take me saying this as something nice from me...

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