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Violence by Omission

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Recently a friend shared a video from a Kundalini Yoga Master, Jaidev Singh.  He does classes which he calls the Warriorship Training.  Here is his first introductory video to the course.  He solicits comments on the video stating that he reads every one.  I made this comment, which so far has not made it through the moderator process.  I’ll share it with you to better understand where I am coming from about these matters and as a point for discussion.  The video link is at the bottom, (click Read More).  Here’s My Comment first:


“Surely many intelligent things are being said in this video, and I thank you for that.

I spent long periods of my life not indulging worry by refusing to allow myself contact with disturbing events.  My life was lucky enough that I could accomplish this, with no accidents or diseases to myself or loved ones.  I also spent decades in the spiritual search, about 8 years of which I was engaged in a great SEVA, or service to well over a hundred spiritual teachers by recording and broadcasting their messages.   Although I did not directly adopt any of these messages, I was able to make my own brand of discovery whereby I found I could move in and out out of worry (and all others negative emotions) at will.  When this skill or knack became solid, worry was no longer a problem, either to be in or out of, and no longer any kind of a bogyman.

Now over 70, I have finally allowed myself to look at the world and all the intrigue and manipulation to gain power and dominance. You can’t find mention of this through your most widespread media, since misinformation of omission is the biggest part of it.  As a citizen of a western country, supposedly with some options to select leaders, I have begun to realise that choosing not to participate with informing myself is a very violent decision.

I have been a “peaceful warrior” on the path of the tremendous violence of omission.  Warriors of old carried a sword, but warriors today must carry a pencil and speak the truth about the world and those who are active in it.  We must object to what is happening if it is contrary to what’s in our heart. This is in fact how I was lead here by someone with whom I shared some of my milder findings.  They said “oh how depressing” why don’t you check out Jaidev Singh.

“Depressing” is rooted in finding some possibility that is not following your inner expectations.  I have no expectations of what I will find in this work of being self-informed, so I never could be depressed about it.  I do feel empathy when I read of the inflicted tragedy of others. That only proves that I am an alive, warm being.

Jaidev, could you please speak on violence by omission?  Thank you.”



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