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Videos to watch papaji call off the search and ramana maharshi enjoy..

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Click the links to watch :) i hope i havent posted in the wrong forum..


ramana maharshi

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Funny video

It was a funny... I like this type of video..
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this (not verified)
funny video

Here's the funniest video you will ever see, enjoy.

this (not verified)
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Waking up

I just love watching people wake up at Papji's Satsangs. It actually allows me to wake up for a while at least. Same with many other teacher/gurus like Gangaji, Mooji, Tony Parsons, A. Ramana, Eckhart, etc. Those videos may be the best and most effective means to access a teacher's teachings when we can't go there and it's much better than just reading about their Pointers.

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Yeah these are indeed great

Yeah these are indeed great video´s. I saw the Papaji video two weeks ago and it was really valuable. The interesting thing was that I also saw it two years ago - but now it was again totally new for me.

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