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Two ways to Conquer Karma.....!!!!

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Two ways to Conquer Karma.....!!!!

Karma is Consequences of Actions
Good Actions bring Good Results
Bad Actions inevitably result in suffering
Either in Present Life or Future Lives

Some People may say there is no Karma at all
Because there is no SEPARATE you except as IMAGINATION
If you are not SEPARATE from the WHOLE
Still, You as the WHOLE become RESPONSIBLE
Naturally Karma should prevail YOU either way as INDIVIDUAL or WHOLE

Three Karmas are Vital
Sanchita Karma - Stored Karmic Debts of Previous Births
Prarabdha Karma - Sanchita Karma in you pocket to be worked out in Present Life
Agami Karma - New karma being accumulated in Present Life

People ask 'Do Plants have Karma?"
"Do Animals have Karma?"
Embodied souls may pass through many species of life through Evolution,
But only as human beings do they accrue karma, where freewill is fully manifest
Take away Karma, together Freewill will vanish

Subconscious may be the storehouse of Karma
Karma is like an ever growing Plant
Pruning a plant will make a plant grow vigorous
Destroying roots of Plant Ego is only solution

Karma afflicts one till one identifies with' I ' (Ego)
One way to Transcend Karma is 'Self Realization'
Karmic laws then becomes redundant
No 'I' (Ego) means No Karma;
Beware, a mere Belief in above, is not your 'Self Realization.'

Good Karma will not absolve Bad Karma; Both to be accounted, experienced
Kill Ego by 100% Surrender to THE HIGHER POWER, Not 99.9% (Bhakti Marg)
Else Kill Ego by Self Realization- 'Who Am I - Consciousness'(Jnana Marg)
By these Two ways Karma can be conquered

Karma binds those who has ownership to actions
When Liberation happens you become witness to everything, including YOURS
Once liberated, your MIND merges with CONSCIOUSNESS
STILL, Thoughts and ACTIONS DO COME and GO,
But your IDENTIFICATION with them is LOST for EVER, FOR EVER.

Awareness leads to Enlightenment; Enlightenment leads to Liberation
Liberation brings in refinement in your Thoughts and Actions
Sooner or Later Liberation should result in Moksha
Mokasha means release from the cycles of Death and Rebirth

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