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Silent Seeing

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silent seeing

Silent Seeing

Silent Seeing is the transparency of Awareness that looks without judgement. It sees the games of the small mind which wants to feel superior through separation.

Silent Seeing is the full Emptiness, sometimes called Buddha Mind or Christ Consciousness. It is before time the timeless one Light of Now in which all names and forms dissolve. 

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silent seeing....

meaning meaning meaning.....
this side of the number line (-1) or 0 or that side of the number line(+1) or x axis y axis x axis y axis...hey also a circle ....just go bonkers and map a number line on to a circle....meaning meaning meaning...why not if I say its 1 even on a circle it is is me who is saying it.... amati the king of ants....

three ants going one after the other...the first one says there are two ants behind me the second ant says there are 2 ants behind me...x axis y axis..-1 +1..0? come......??

of course the ants must be going in a circle.......

no no no the second is simply a just lied.....x axis y axis x axis y axis....

all meaning is either on the x axis or on the y axis or on that side of the number line or at 0 or on the other side of th enumber line has to be....?????? is it not has to be what do you say friend?

maths =1+2=3 how does 0 progresess to be 1? how does 1 progress to 2? I have to ask the second ant...

1/2+1/4+ 1/6......= 1? or how many 0 s make one?

all the ants in the world ...this the call of amati...dont creep along the number line or in circles or on/in any axis....

all that is subject to origination is all subject to is this on any number line....?

is silent looking on a number line...?

me dont know....
meaning meaning meaning.....number lines galore...

all that is subject to origination is all subject to cessation....I ask you again is this on a number line....? is there a 1 or a 0 or a -1 before or after it.....? is this on an number line ...


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