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Significance of Time in our search

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We have so easy access to so much material...that in reality our own search is never on.

Once we are thus hooked, the symptoms get so acute that we start ingesting more of what we want or prefer from these contents even if the writer means wholly other wise.

For inatnce or suppose while we are currently believers in non dualists.. if someone acknowledged comes and speaks about duality ...suddenly our own non duality..oneness starts to accomidate duality ..and if continued we are convinced that we didn't believe in non duality fully at any point of time,and what we believed accomidated both ..even before. And we justify to ourselves by thinking our "talk" has got richer and we are "open".

In reality right from the beginning we neither believed in non duality or duality .we only outsourced our search our own investigation.

Can we admit into this?

Only those who want to make a living need to brand a particular line of thoughts for packaging and related purposes...we need not.

When our own search is on ..the first symptom is we get more quiet.for we begin to actually see the complexity....for ourselves.

Then what we share and seek from others also seems more pragmatic. I mean duality real or non dualRight..Is it any way in reality useful?In This communication it is implied we are buddhas ..been there seen it and therefore the phony discussion is authoritative..OR...we are in the business of running retreats.

Right.. any way accommodating time in our investigation of things seems to have a key significance.

We read some where may be someone like wei wu wei(who was my great grandfather) talks about time in such a way so as to mean it doesn't exist.

But only if we accomidate time in the understanding of things..then can we come to see that what's happening is a happening ...which is what wei wu wei himself repeatedly points to.

Only if we accomidate time does the question challenges us to find out how large chunks like we ourselves our software and our objects like houses cars ..and those to whom we are objects for like our make it through from one instant to another. How indeed?

Love and regards dudes.

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