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Self Transformation

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My name is Edward Jones; I died in 1979 and was born anew into a new consciousness void of the virus violence which is prevelant in the old consciousness that now rules this planet. For the past 30 years, I have been looking for any possible medium to bring forth this message, and this is just the latest place I have landed. For 10 years I've conducted a forum on in the "social issues" area under "other" with the word self transformation attached. This is open discussion for anyone to join in the discussion of transforming our lives. I have recently completed a book called "A New Consciuosness Born: You are the Source" which is available at and will soon be available on and available for order from most any bookstore in the country. At there about 175 videos of discussions about the manner in which we can transform our lives. These videos were captured from live workshops and discussions with other people. This is just the beginning.

You are perfect.

Edward Jones

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Edward Jones

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Thanks, dear Edward!

Will gladly check your wonderful info out, much Love back, your Maren xxx

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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