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Seeing for oneself . . .

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It's become apparent that action-figure Tony cannot witness his own absence.

But being Aware . . . is Seeing. Seeing that 'thinking about' whatever (absence for example) . . . is not seeing.

The fact is I am ('what is') always fully Here, no developing, maturing, ripening, duration of time needed to Be.

And Understanding ever-present-Now is Timeless is Seeing "yesterday" and "tomorrow" as the illusions they are.

As such, change seemingly happens to action-figure Tony . . . not to changeless consciousness itself.

And as clarity of Seeing strengthens, relying on words to point to 'what is' (conceptual understanding) lessens as well (incrementally or otherwise).

Be aware Now . . . and See for yourself what there is to see directly . . . the many obscuring filters of thinking mind and that which is always aware . . . inseparable.

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