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Only This One is Fit ~ Mooji

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 "Only This One is Fit" ~ Mooji

By special request: The request for this story to be posted was made by someone who attended satsang the day of this recording, and was deeply touched by the story of the king. Also included in this video is the preceding dialogue; from the uncut DVD "Drop Yourself".

"Even the imagined life stands on the support of the universal support; but in the mind of consciousness, if it believes itself to be an individual, "doing", it comes into the dream of karma... The push, the impulse, of consciousness is to undress itself in this body of its dreaming. It's tired of sleep, it's tired of nightmares, it's tired of suffering!" (Mooji)

PS:  the day after posting this video to YouTube, I received this message on Facebook from another friend who attended satsang when this video was recorded: "The next day a note came to Mooji with a question: ' why did you cry when telling the story yesterday ?' "  "Because I was happy" said Mooji

Music clips from "Shower of Grace" sung by Omkara ~ from her album "Let Nothing Remain"





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Thank you for all that you share here and on YouTube! Your YouTube channel of Mooji has carried me, gently, down a difficult, dry, and rocky road, to the freshness and freedom of I. Thank you so very much!


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