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Music from frits van der ploeg

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I was reading a poem posted here by frits van der ploeg, and checking out his web site.  I really enjoyed listening to his music.  

He says, "I realized that 'awareness of what is happening now' happened naturally during 'playing'. Now I know that it is the impersonal Being, which is not stuck to circumstances, but free and waiting to be realized."

A nice player will cycle through all the pieces, just start at number one.

Actaully, no content is uploaded to Never Not Here, but everything is embedded.  If anyone knows how to (and from where to) embed audio streams.  Please teach me.  I would love to be able to embed a player here, like this one on Frits's site.

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Embed music player on website

Thank you for your kind words Richard.
Here is a link to a webplayer:


frits van der ploeg

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Web player needs Server?

I think that I have seen a couple of web players, but I'm assuming that they all need the mp3 to be loaded on the "current server"? My question is how to embed music from another server, like if it was a video, from Youtube, or if it was a photo, from FlickR?

Is there such a service for audios? Maybe audios from your server could be embedded on a player here?


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Embed audio from other server

Hi Richard,

I don't know if there is an audio-service like that.
Yes, 'my' webplayer needs mp3's on the server.

Linking from a player on your site to my server is possible.
You need to copy the URL's to the playlist of your player.

Maybe you want to upload some of my songs to your server.
Let me know, so I can send you the proper URL's through email.

Thank you for the love you put in this beautiful website.
Smiling greetings from Rotterdam...

frits van der ploeg

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