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Mahabharata, (one version)

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We have all heard the story of Mahabharata where on the battlefield there are Pandavas on one side and Kauravas on the other side and Arjuna is standing in between them. Arjuna symbolizes the 'I', 'me' or 'myself' within all of us. On the one side there are the Pandavas, who represent the positive thoughts in you. On the other side there are the Kauravas who represent the negative thoughts. Kauravas are a hundred whereas Pandavas are only five in number. This symbolizes the usual human state of mind.

Arjun is worried about 'what to do'? He is surrounded by negative thoughts. Lord Krishna, a symbol of wisdom who guides him, tells him to "fire toward the adversary". As long as negative thoughts outnumber the positive, never stop firing. Fire according to your understanding. Listen and/or think the truth to increase your understanding. As understanding increases, negative thought just vanish anyway. Negative thoughts always obstruct your progress, or divert your action away from your truly desired result.

What is all this about negative thoughts? Aren't they just thoughts, and hence unreal? Why is there all this emphasis in the scriptures on behavior, morality and strong character? Can changing your thought pattern change your character, or is it visa-versa? Isn't it a mixup of description for prescription? Whole libraries of material are written about these subjects. Several times on the show I was told, "there are no good thoughts and bad thoughts", it's all a load of rubbish, (maybe if you understand it that way). I tried to propose that accepting kinds of thoughts just self dissolve, and that resisting thoughts self regenerate in even stronger versions?

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From an absolute point of

From an absolute point of view there are no positive or negative thoughts. But to me it seems the story of the seeker has to be played out fully. I recently discovered I put it aside a bit too early. (´There are no paths, there is no seeker.´ Although this ultimately is true, it still has to be seen fully, and not just as an idea that makes a lot of sense. At least so it seems to me.)

I guess a certain person nr-1 can say: ´truth is a pathless land,´ while it is not true.
And a certain person nr-2 can also say ´truth is a pathless land,´ while it is totally true!

So I guess in the play of the seeker (which perhaps one day will seem futile [with every fiber of our body] ), there is good and there is bad - since it plays out on the relative level.
Some time ago I saw a youtube clip of Mooji in which he said something like: ¨the idea that you are not worthy of enlightenment is not a humble thought - it is an evil thought.¨ :)
He has no problem with shifting between the relative and the absolute. (I know, even this are ideas that depend on each other. Just as oneness is dependent upon the idea of multiplicity, and vice versa. And bad thoughts being dependent upon good thoughts. But sometimes it is natural to make distinctions. And even this arises in what is. Ánd éven something that is (Beingness) is and idea. Om my God, my brain melts!)

So if everything is possible, why can´t it be natural to make distinctions? And of course (from the seekers point of view) this is dangerous. Because the idea that distinctions are o.k. can be used by the ego (which is an illusion - but hey, are we talking about anything else here than an illusion.)


(A term that also springs to mind in regard of the absolute/relative thing, is ´advaita-shuffle.´ I believe it points to the jumping back and fort between the absolute and relative. And how the absolute can be picked up by the mind to justify the not dealing with difficult matters [´cause it´s all a play right?´], while if we are honest it´s doesn´t feel natural. I guess especially Florian points to these matters of facing truth on the relative level. )

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Thank you for venturing...

Negative thoughts: what weighs 'me' down into smallness, condemnation, shame, guilt, self doubt, density, heaviness...

Positive thoughts: what uplifts 'me' in transcendence, greatness, encouragement, authenticity, self inquiry, transparency, boyancy...

Awareness-Action: how to use thinking in an integral and life enhancing way instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

There is no IS outside of the mind. Being-Mind-Bliss are ONE. Why limit the possibilities of liberation, celebration, beauty and creativity? Who dares to separate the absolute from the relative? Who dares to separate the ONE from the cosmos, the innate order of life and the Good?

By the way, Arjuna was fighting against his own relatives! The relatives are our attachments that get in the way of authentic transcendence and renewal.

We can only be HERE and NOW in the relative meaning of "NO BULLSHIT" - PEACE, BE STILL. Silencio. This condition is only a starting point not an end. We finally ARE authentically. NOW, we have to get to WORK in the capacity of being human - Creative Tension.

Just an opinion.....

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