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I'm new here

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Well I am still awake, so here goes.

My name is Steven. I am 35 years old. I made a decision a while back to grow spiritually, and it has taken me many interesting places. I have loads of insights both wonderful and some downright nasty ones. They are all wonderful just in different ways I suppose. I spent a considerable amount of time and energy chasing the good revelations and dismissing the less appealing ones, but now I try my best to accept them all.

A friend of mine in Oak Park named Tom, I think he's an Advaitist?, introduced me to a spiritual teacher named Paul Heddermann who indirectly led me to NNH.

I really like this community. I enjoy listening to people's experiences and perhaps someday sharing some of mine too. I am usually a reserved type, but I really enjoy being in groups and making outings. I have a fondness toward my personality, but I don't always share it with others, mostly because I don't always leave the house. Duh! It's a painful thing at times, solitude, and sometimes it's quite marvelous.

I suppose my purpose in introducing myself is to discover people that are like me. In my experience, I seem to be awake at times and asleep at others. I am attracted to both really. I love being awake and sometimes I really like being asleep. I'm in a place where it's one or the other all the time. So if you're really leaning to one side, we could probably get along for a bunch of short times, you know?

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Hi Stephen, Payt and Richard!

What a creative group here, beautiful and grateful to be part of it!
Thanks for sharing,
much Love from your Maren xxx

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Hi Steven :) Well i guess

Hi Steven :)

Well i guess we're all here to experience 'the dream' for a while, so while we're at it, we might as well enjoy it, eh? And yes, there's this waking up thing.. sometimes i'm not even sure whether that has actually happened, or to which extent, or to whom, for that matter.

Well.. we'll have to see where this whole thing goes.. have fun and see ya around :)

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Hey Payt, It's funny, Richard

Hey Payt,

It's funny, Richard lives about a mile away from me and we have yet to meet.

Looking forward to it, Richard.

Yes, it is a dream. And it's fascinating when we can see ourselves as being awake or asleep. At first I thought, I am asleep and I really want to be awake. But then after a big dose of being awake, I kind of miss the asleep. The difference now is, acceptance of asleep and awake moments. All of them.

Here's something personal.

A while back I was in a meeting, and it was announced that two of the girls from our group had killed themselves chasing a high. I could see despair cut through people around me, almost like a cloud was in the room. But at that moment I didn't have to breathe the poison. I thought, people die who am I to let it affect me?

So is that being awake or being asleep?

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I hope that you will be coming over to see Scott Kiloby Mar 21st

Also, participate in the reading of his E-book, Living Realization.


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