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I have come across the writings of Phillip Goddard, who suggests that all spiritual beliefs in chakras, auras, God, goddesses, religions new age or otherwise, rituals, E.T's, ghosts, entities, paranormal activity, astral projection and more are tricks/illusions which are actually thought forms, which interact and feed off of mind of conscious beings.The purpose of these things are to keep us distracted from our true nature as fundamental consciousness, which is all there is, or the ultimate. He calls it the metaspace in which all arises and dissolves. Furthermore the belief in a soul is also from this "garbage" and can lead to unnecessary and unhealthy physical incarnations. These thought forms/illusions collect in the astral sub reality, as he calls it which is different from fundamental consciousness, and are distortions of consciousness, and plague all of existence.

He explains how it came about here:

He says that the only safe way(to his knowledge) to clear out the astral sub reality is by using a set of affirmations which he came up with. As well as some yogic exercises and using what he calls a clarity sphere in order to dissolve/weaken the garbage. Apparently crystals, which new agers use for energy cleansing and healing are actually harmful. I have used some of his affirmations and have noticed a difference but am no longer actively doing so, but I do feel he may be on to something.
He insists this is not a belief, nor does he want anyone to believe in it, but it rather a working model that he has found to be effective in understanding whats going on.

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There is much in the title of your post . . . Illusions. For me, embedded in it is an understanding that whatever I say, you say or Philip Goddard says about anything is "illusory" (interpretive) and not revelatory of Truth.

I took the opportunity to read some of Philip's writings. Some of what he says resonates ("our true nature as fundamental consciousness") and some doesn't ("a particular group of . . . 'humans' discovered that, through a particular use of the astral sub-reality, they could create a network between each others' minds for the purpose of group telepathy").

I note from his website that he's lived a varied life and that he experienced an enlightening glimpse of "what is" in 2003 at age 61. It appears he's been refining his "understanding" ever since.

Some preliminary comments: all we can ever say about "that" is how "it" appears to us from our pinhole (body/mind) perspective. Meaning we cannot see the entire sky (the totality of absolute reality) through a pinhole (our body/mind). Thus my understanding (personal point of view) of the limitless (absolute reality) is limited (relative) . . . as is anyone else's, be they Philip Goddard, Lanie18, Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti, Papaji, Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle or mtony502.

Philip does say on his website "that the working hypotheses and working models that he presents are NOT statements of categorical fact, and are NOT intended to be taken as articles of belief or 'faith'. They are simply for using as assumptions when that looks like being helpful, and not using when they look like not being helpful - and are for trying out if you are not yet sure about their usefulness for you (nothing ventured, nothing gained!)."

I find that useful guidance. I also find it useful to use "questions" (or inquiry in general) as a focusing of attention. Some folks have the habit of looking and not really seeing. And, to the extent you can, don't look expecting to "see" what Philip or anyone else "sees". We all daily look at the same "what is" and see (experience) it differently. Meaning we all see what we see and understand what we understand. And by communicating to others what we see and understand (through that exchange of energy and information) we may come to learn to live more at ease in our own skin (our individual perceptual reality).

Lanie18: "What would make the astral world any less "real" than the physical world, all is made up of consciousness."

Response: What is meant by "astral world", "real", "consciousness"? Can it be seen that the word "consciousness" is not consciousness itself, that the words "elm tree" are not the elm tree itself?

Hmmm . . . maybe we start inquiring where we are (physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually) and notice what we see, taste, feel or hear "now". Notice the inner "story" of "me and my life" and, if we can, notice what is "aware of" (listening to) the "story of me". That formless listening, witnessing is "what" we are. (Find out for yourself?)

Welcome to the paradoxical journey of consciousness awakening to its formless nature via this human form.


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