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Hello, everyone,

Now there's an interesting term: Every One. I'm from Holland, where it's cloudy and very windy at the moment. First of all I'm glad to be allowed on this site. I was almost afraid that my application wouldn't be accepted.

Okay, so how did I find this site? I read a book from Stephan Bodian called Meditation for Dummies, also used his iphone app for mindfulness. He peaked my interest so I went to his site where I saw several interesting things amongst which an interview. That interview made me curious about this website.

I am a seeker. At this very moment I am wondering if I am really seeking but I will elaborate on that later. My search began at a very early stage. When I was 4 I woke up from a bad dream and the waking up questioned my being awake at all. When I was about 10 I did an experiment while lying in bed. I pretended I was the bed plus me...then the room, the bed and on until the stars. I was everything at the same time. Both these experiences made an impact upon me.
In my teens I started playing with a concept or a notion that still plays in the back of my mind. Jesus was a man just like I am, so what happened? Later I found buddhism where the same question or idea surfaced, replace Jesus with Buddha. I hope I don't offend anyone in here with these ideas because I have the utmost respect for both men. They showed the way, others have been before them and after them but these are well known. In my teens I was very angry at Jesus and God for not showing me the Way. These beliefs crippled me in a way. Then came Buddha for me, essential for me was that Buddha didn't claim to be the son of God, he was just human. I know there's a whole discussion about this whether or not this is true but what matters is, this concept: every man and woman is able to release himself, to awaken, to be enlightened.

Now I stumbled upon Zen, which according to 1 brilliant book I read, said: Now is all that matters. In fact everything can be said with 1 word: NOW. Hmmm, this is turning into a long story. I'll cut it short.

Lately I manage more and more to live in the now and it's simply wonderfull. Peace, happiness and a sense of well being pervades me. Which makes me wonder is there something else? Is there still a search? I can answer this by saying: if you still need to ask this question Yes.

I have come here to learn and feel. I try to be my avatar, a young innocent puppy who sees life for the first time. There's a whole world to explore.

Regards from,


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