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Here's how I got to know of NNH!

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Following is my first contact with Richard ... later, I meet him during the last week of Jan'09!
On Nov 11, 2008, at 9:55 AM, Santharaj K wrote:

Dear Richard,

I first heard you on one of John Sherman's podcast and later saw you on of his DVDs and then once I saw your Never Not Here talk with John Sherman I could relate to you better.

Since then I have watched about 30 videos, I'll tell these are so wonderful and each one seems to clearly knock off some of our predispositions and make us see/ live life in a better way!

Richard, it is exciting to know that you'll be in TVM, it will be great if you could publish a calendar of events (sort of) so that some of us in and around TVM can travel down to see you and the talks in person! I live in Bangalore, which is about 250 kms (5 hours drive).

I hope to see you, let's see how it would go ...


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