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Hello from Eugene

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Just saying hello as my first post at this site. I arrived here because of a children's book by Mora Fields titled "Peculiar Stories." I picked up the book for my daughter and I ended up reading it too. I immediately loved the stories and googled the author to look for other books. The author recently spoke on an open mike video conversation with Richard Miller and from there I came here.

I am a little bit eccentric, some may say "weird" and I sometimes come across as very irreverent because of my sense of humor. Sometimes I am misunderstood and other times I am just actually being irreverent, but I do not intend to hurt anybody's feelings of deeply offend.

Other than that it would be hard to write a good summary that would give you a sense of who I am so if you are curious it would be best just to observe or read my replies. I live in Oregon and have more of an analytical mind than a creative one. I haven't read too much around here but really enjoyed Richard's open mic videos. I thought they had a very comfortable mix of serious and not-so-serious attitude that I often feel is necessary to be in to "understand" or not feel restless with spiritual thoughts/meditation.

hope everyone is having a great week


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