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Everyone seems familiar

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This may be totally unrelated to this forum but I thought I'd share something that has started occurring to me with greater frequency over the past six months. The occurrence is that everyone is looking familiar. Now, I do know the adage that the older one gets the more people look familiar but this seems different. For one thing it isn't a person or two here and there. It's more like when it happens it's 90% of the people in the room, store, office. When it's not happening, it's the usual occasional person, more like how it's always been. For example, I was in the waiting room of a hospital in the outpatient surgery area. The hospital was located 100+ miles from my home. I felt I recognized at least 20 of the people from somewhere (I know not where). The recognition is so strong it is as though I had met before each of them before and heard their story. Not that I could tell you specifics but I felt as though I had heard their story (which apparently I had now forgotten). It's as if I am left with with nothing but the recognition of a familiar face and a strong sense of knowing of their happiness, or sorrow, or pain. But I do seem to know them if I could only remember their names which I can't. I have worked as a psychiatric nurse for 26 years. I have heard many, many people's stories. I can understand why I would not remember individuals. However, I know these are not former patients. I also know they are not former acquaintances of mine. The sense of knowing them is so strong that it makes me wonder why I can't remember more. It has to be that indeed I have never met these people.

Larry in South Carolina

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Re: seemingly familiar faces

Until I read your post, I had forgotten that this used to happen to me a lot about four years ago. I was going through a peak experience that last about six months. During that time two things happened.
1) Like you, the faces of people I had never met, looked very familiar.
2) When speaking to someone that I did know - a friend for instance - it was as if I was looking deep into their soul, rather than seeing their face.

At the time I put this down to the realisation that we are all one. A recognition of our sameness that goes beyond mere physical appearances. That although a person may be communicating with me as a form, what I was responding to was something much deeper that resides within us both.

Other types of experiences happened in this phase as well, so maybe this is just one form of mystical experience that shows up.

Thanks for jogging my memory.

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your experience could eventualy reveal more than you know

please read acomment i made under non duality/simultaneity of existance,perhaps if you believe what seems impossible more can be remembered

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I've also have that a lot. Looking again, people that seem familiar, aren't.

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