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Ever notice how "personal me" never recognizes "impersonal awareness" . . . ?

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"I" used to expect I'd witness no-self as a personal me witnessing no-self.

"I" used to believe I'd actually be able to conceptually experience nonconceptual understanding.

"I" truly didn't get that self as impersonal awareness is selfless.

"I" really didn't understand the inevitability of the absence of "me" (temporarily or otherwise) on this journey of awareness awakening to itself.

How terrifying! How dreadful! How scary the loss of personal self! How very much not bliss, not equanimity!

So, no false promises here.

However, seeing is freeing, if not always apparent.

And yes, "seeing is freeing" is also mental mirage.

In other words, distinguishing "rope from snake", is usually dependent on how dim or bright the light of awareness appears in the moment.

And, however labeled . . . "rope", "snake" or "me", mind never recognizes impersonal awareness because impersonal awareness is formless and silent.

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